The Little Book of Octopi

While I was living in NYC I decided to add all of the “boys that didn’t matter,” a.k.a. fuck buddies, random boys at bars that I exchanged #s with, etc. to my phone as octopi. I needed to organize them because my contact list was being overtaken by boys. And because if they texted me, I’d know without really looking at my phone, what I was getting myself in for. Stories about the boys that I can remember will be posted frequently.

Octopi can have sex with all of their tentacles 😉   

blonde australian not worth itocto 3 bri gocto british george iiocto 1 cliff puerto rican

8 cooperocto 3 dartmouth8 bag boymatt nets gamemotorcycle michael octopiocto patrick michael needed a bedocto personal trainer omgocto 2 robbie walkins8 bruises

Coming Soon…

octo 1 2octo 1 3octo 1 dan russelocto 1 brian roofocto 1 prague mattocto 1octo 2 1octo 2 2octo 2

octo kyle

octo 3

octo 4
octo 3 1octo 3 2octo 3 camocto 3 sharlieocto 3 the chadFullSizeRender (4)5 15 25 polar bear8 18 38 48 bag boy8 eric8 jim8 john arcadia7 27 37 cornell7 isaac7 jaime7 tyler7-1blonde australian not worth itcristiano cruiseFullSizeRender (8)octo alex nyu seniorocto casey max fish barocto casey plus

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