No Drug can Make a Lame Club Fun

My day didn’t start until noon since I’d stayed up talking to my Couchsurfing host, Daniel, on his roof until 5AM. Daniel suggested that I get a falafel because he lived in the Jewish quarter. It was all Hasides at the falafel place which was weirdly comforting. It reminded me of being back in Williamsburg, Brooklyn or the Palisades mall, or Sam’s camera store. The falafel was top notch! Colorado doesn’t have good falafel so I definitely appreciated it. 

I tried to find some fun in Antwerp but all I ended up doing was buying myself a waffle. It was actually probably the best waffle that I’ve ever had so I can see why they call it a Belgian waffle. The famous waffles in Belgium aren’t Belgian waffles and Belgian waffle were actually invented in NY. But you have to give Belgium some credit for good waffles. I also ate some fries and was feeling fairly disgusting because all I did all day was eat. I got a message from my host’s friend, Thomas, to meet him at the big screen downtown at 3. There was a big “football” (soccer to Muricans’) game going on that day.  Daniel was leaving to visit his girlfriend but he said that I could sleep at his friend, Thomas’ place. I was actually thinking of leaving and going to Rotterdam because I thought that Antwerp was pretty boring but my bbcar had fallen through. So I booked a bus for the next day. 

When I arrived, Thomas was with some of his friends. He offered me a cheap beer. I’d gotten him a couple of beers last night so I accepted. The cheap beers in Belgium were pretty good. Despite my lack of interest in sports, the game was a good time because Belgium won. There’s a picture of me cheering as if I care. The group that I was with was friendly and spoke English fluently. One girl had partial dreads which I complimented her on and her and her boyfriend told me about their sunglasses collection. It was more interesting than the game. 

After the game we stopped to purchase more beers and then drove to the dreads girl’s place. About an hour later, I was bored and tipsy so I took a nap. I woke up to some movie in English about street performers getting discovered. I’ve been hunting for the movie ever since because I really liked one of the songs. 

The group was planning on going out soon. They were cutting up some pale yellow powder and snorting it. “Is that coke?” I asked cringing. It looked sort of sticky and why wasn’t it white? 

“It’s speed,” replied my host. Oh shit! “Want some?” I’d never tried speed before but I’d been feeling sort of awkward all day and wanted to be on the same party level as the group so I figured I’d try it. I did a line. 

We began the night at the lame “club” that we’d gone to the night prior. Then we ventured to a bar but it was closing. So it was back to a different, even lamer club. The Blasian (blonde Asian) DJ wearing sunglasses in the dark (because the sun never sets on a baller?) was grooving out to some late 90s music that I’d repressed. Play me Brittany Spears or Eminem all day. This was the stuff that was the filler on the radio THEN. Oh and the laser show consisted of this tiny green laser squiggle that moved across the ceiling. The club felt like the size of my room in New York City. 

And we stayed. And stayed. And still there? Yup. I walked over to my host. “Can we go?” I’m tired.” He ran away from me. Ugh it was 5AM. Who needs a host when they won’t even let you sleep? Clearly I didn’t do enough speed. Eventually it was 6AM. Then 6:01. Then 6:02. We left at around 7:30 and my host’s friends were trying to go to his place to hang out. He said that he wanted to go to bed. Yes! 

He asked if I wanted to sleep in his bed with him rather than on the couch. His bed was huge and YES. I got the feeling that he wasn’t hitting on me and I figured that if he tried anything I’d just move. Maybe that’s stupid but he was skinny and not too strong looking. Anyway he didn’t try anything. I fell asleep right away, woke up and got the hell out of Antwerp. 

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