I Thought that My Life was Coming Together…

“What are you up to tomorrow?” I texted Thor while I was at work. I had the day off so I thought that we could hang out. 
“Nothing, let’s do something,” replied Thor. My heart jumped. Perfect. “Are you doing anything tonight? My friends are in town.” 

“I’m at work but I’ll text you when I’m off.” Thor told me that he got his own place at the ponds. 

“I miss those days,” I said. The ponds is employee housing and typically you have to share a room with someone. 

Thor kept texting me asking if I was off yet. He told me to meet him at double d’s, a bar right by the restaurant that I work at. He was sitting with this couple that was on a road trip from Montana. Thor had met them in Montana over the summer and had told them that they could stay at his place for the night. At first I tried to talk to both Thor and the couple but pretty soon it was just Thor and I cracking up about making silk moccasins. Time flew by. Thor and I didn’t have a moment of silence. I forgot how creative Thor was, so much so that it led to weird, inventive conversations.

Back at his place… “Let me just grab your butt,” said Thor as we made our in the back of his truck. “You don’t like making out, do you?” I hardly open my mouth when kissing so this is a common question for me. I find making out disgusting. I’ll do it in order to have sex but that’s about it. “No, sorry.”

“Well then let’s not kiss,” replied Thor. “I don’t like kissing.”

“Really? I feel like everyone likes kissing.”

“I feel weird because my friends are here,” he said. He also said that he didn’t even have sheets on his bed yet so I shouldn’t sleep over. That made sense. “I’ll text you when we go to breakfast,” he said and I went home. 
The next day we went to breakfast with his friends. It was just the 4 of us and I felt like a real couple. I could really see this. My days of being a steamboat slut were over! Not that I was trying to rush anything. I’d been trying to hook up with Thor all of last winter and I didn’t want to ruin it. 

After Thor and I went to run errands and we ran into our friend Stef and her boyfriend, Nash, at the pet store. Thor told Stef that he had his own room at the ponds and was thinking about maybe just keeping it for himself. “I don’t like living with other guys,” he explained. Stef went on to say that it sounded like a good idea. $900/month wasn’t bad for a private place. 

“We should hang out later!” suggested Stef. Thor and I agreed. 

“I don’t really want to hang out with Stef and Nash,” said Thor on the car ride back. “I want to unpack.” I took that to mean that he didn’t want to hang out with me either so I went home to give him some time to settle into his new place. 

Stef called me later to see if Thor and I still wanted to hang. I told her that Thor didn’t want to. I told her that Thor and I had finally hooked up and she got really excited. “Maybe you could move in with him to save him some money,” she suggested. I seriously contemplated this but didn’t want to risk looking like an idiot. So I told her that I thought that it was too soon. 

Joe, who I referred to as Ronald McDonald, texted me to hang out that night and since I wanted to give Thor space, I agreed. I was sitting and drinking with my roommate, James and getting pretty drunk when I began to have second thoughts about seeing Joe. “I don’t want to be a slut anymore. Maybe I could cancel meeting up with him,” I suggested. James thought that was a good idea but I got too nervous and decided to just meet up with Joe. We had interesting conversations and average sex. He gave me Basel Hayden’s and made me breakfast. He used to be a chef but his breakfast was pretty average. Regardless it was a nice gesture. 

Later that night I met up with my old roommate Matt for drinks. I told him excitedly about Thor. Our friend Mikey joined us for drinks once he got off of work. The two of them were getting bored though so they decided they wanted to go home. I was supposed to meet up with my friend Lindsay and also had been texting Thor. Lindsay told me to meet her at another bar, High 5, and Thor told me to come over. I couldn’t decide so I called Thor.

“Maybe you should just go with Lindsay,” said Thor. 

“That’s a weird response said Matt and Mikey. I realized that I wouldn’t be able to get home if I didn’t get a ride with Matt and Mikey so I decided to just go back. I texted Thor the situation. 

“Come over,” he texted back. Matt and Mikey invited me over to see their place but I wanted to go see Thor. 

I was pretty drunk by the time that I got there. I sucked Thor’s dick and then he finger banged me until I squirted. I’ve only ever squirted one other time in my life. And guys always want me to squirt. I would have been more excited but Thor got really weird. So I felt awkward about it. 

Thor told me to leave and I asked him why. I was drunk and I found that to be disrespectful. 

“I have a girlfriend,” he said. 


“We’re open but that’s our rule. We can’t have people over.” “Is it that girl that you got pregnant?” I asked.

“No it’s a different girl,” he said. I burst into tears.
“Let’s talk about this in the morning,” suggested Thor.

“She’s going to be living here?” I asked. 


“Why didn’t you tell me that you had a girlfriend? Why were you trying to have sex with me?” I couldn’t stop crying.

“I don’t like to talk about her. And maybe we shouldn’t hook up.” Eventually I left with tears pouring down my face. 

Brown out

*my cover pic is one that I sent Thor before I knew the situation. That’s some nice foreshadowing 

9 thoughts on “I Thought that My Life was Coming Together…

  1. I’m sorry that happened to you. I don’t really have anything much to say, but just leaving a “Like” on a post where something bad happened has always seemed a little tasteless to me…
    In any case, here’s to hoping things turn for the better soon.


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