Decorating a Nomad’s Room

I’m about to be homeless once again so I thought I’d share a couple of ways I decorated my room before I take those decorations down. I move frequently so I like to have compact, easy to assemble and remove decor. 

Photo Affections lets you order photos for free with no catch. I don’t know why but you might as well take advantage. I tacked hemp to my wall and used mini cloths pins to hang the pics
Here is a close up
Of course I have a map! My roommate thought Chile was in Colorado. Scary stuff. Oh and I taped some foreign $ to it
I ordered a tapestry that I designed on Society 6. It’s a bear and a bull (finance bros) doing lines of coke with naked girls skiing on it. I call it “Powder Day.” You can design your own art or order other people’s

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