Thirsty Thor’s Day

I was chilling at home yesterday getting my scrap booking on because I’d dropped my phone 1 too many times. The cyber plaid background with bleeding ink looked super cool but a touch screen phone that didn’t respond to touch was pretty useless. 

“Sabrina, look who’s here!” exclaimed Couch Boy Phil. I call him that because he used to live on my couch. Plus he just has that good old couch boy personality. He’s usually that jovial drunk guy that contributes nothing to the conversation but some funny nonsense for the group to laugh at. Everybody loves Phil. But as great as it was to have Phil stop by during my phone withdrawal period, I was much more excited to see Thor. 

I hadn’t seen Thor in about 5 months, since I’d left town for Central America. Thor went to Montana for the summer. 

“Come on, we’re going camping,” said Phil. Thor stretched out his giant arms to give me a big bear hug. 

At the grocery store, Thor suggested that we buy vegetables! Vegetables! What other guy wants vegetables? I even had to suggest that we buy some meat or something too because I was afraid I’d get hungry. I don’t think that I’ve ever suggested meat in my life. I love veggies! 

I sat in Thor’s car on the way to the campsite and we caught up on life. We were talking about airlines and I told him that I hate American Airlines because they almost kicked me off the plane for making out with some random guy

“I just don’t think the mile high club is possible,” I stated. 

“I got head on a train one time,” said Thor. 

“Nice! The only time I did anything more than dry hump in a public vehicle was just having sex in an abandoned fire truck in Denver. It was converted into some grilled cheese place for a fair but the fair was closed that day.”

Thor went on to tell me that although he was normally pretty causal about sex (news to me) this summer he’d really fallen for a girl. My heart sank a bit. 

“But she left me for her Lithuanian ex. He tone was solemn. I felt a twisted sense of joy. Maybe it sounds better if I call it hope?

He went on to tell me that after she broke up with him, they found out that she was pregnant l. So they went to get her an abortion. Whoa, that was serious. I felt bad. Or at least I tried to. He finished his story, I butcher about the boys in Steamboat, and we shared our art ideas.

Part way into a bottle of Jamo that Thor and I were supposed to split…
“Where’s Thor? I don’t want to drink this all myself.” I have about no self control once I pass a certain level of drunk and I could feel myself getting to that point.

“He’s on the phone,” said River, a guy that we were camping with. He’d been on the phone for a long time and I knew exactly who he was on the phone with. 

After Thor and I split a bottle of Jamo 80-20…


I don’t know how but I hit Thor with the Buffalo Trace bottle when I was trying to give it to him. He immediately had a black eye. 

And after some Buffalo Trace


Fuck, Thor’s nose was bleeding. He and I were play fighting. It was something that we’d discussed doing all winter but never got around to. And finally we’re doing it and I punch him in the nose. Oops. 

And after that bottle was finished…

“Thor can I sleep in your tent tonight?” I asked. “Or your car?” I didn’t own a tent.

Brown out

“But I have my period. Plus I’m trying to stop being slutty anymore.”

“Come on. You know it’s not like that. This was a long time coming.”

 His words resonated with me. It was a really long time coming. 

I thought back to the time he’d invited me over to wrestle and I’d agreed. But when we stopped at my bus stop I ran off, saying I was tired. I hadn’t even expected that from myself but my nerves had gotten the best of me. 

And then there was the time that he texted me that he got a hotel room. I figured that he’d invite me and even tried to keeps super full texting conversation going in hopes that he’d invite me at some point. But he never did. 

Brown out 

“But my mouth is spicy,” I warned Thor. I didn’t want to continue a blow job with a spicy mouth. Thor said it was fine but it wasn’t. His dick was on fire. 

Brown out

I finished up the BJ. Then Thor and I proceeded to talk from 3AM to 8:30 in the morning.

II thought he was going to be less confident in bed- he’s a confident guy but I’d never seen him hit on a girl before. Also, I’d heard from friends this winter that he’d be down to hook up with me but that he was shy. He didn’t seem shy at all.

It’s weird. Frat boy Spencer who can do a back flip, loves working out, and had no qualms asking to hook up, telling me that he liked me, and asking to be exclusive is super safe, nervous, and seemingly confused when it comes to sex. I guess you just never know.

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