The Heliskiing Crew

“You’re living at the W hotel for a month?” I asked. “That’s awesome! What are you doing here?”
“I’m a heliskiing guide.” Wow! What an amazing job. To ski, ride around in a helicopter, and live at an awesome hotel in Santiago. “I’ll see you around,” said the guide with a flirtatious grin. He headed to the bar to catch up with the rest of his group. I returned to my dad.
“Do you want to stay and get another drink,” my dad asked me. He knew that I was hoping to go out and he didn’t want to so he was happy that I might have some people to hang out with. I went back to the bar and ordered myself a strawberry mojito with no sugar. It was the best drink that I’d ever had in my life. I don’t like sweet drinks but without the sugar it was the perfect ratio of bitter to sweet. And I got to eat strawberries!

The British woman that I’d met in the elevator that morning said hi to me. I asked her how the skiing was. She was a part of the heliskiing group. Apparently the conditions weren’t good so they went to the beach instead. I was then introduced to her friend, a bald, British man who ran an online gambling company in Costa Rica. And another, older bald American man who also lived there.

My dad came back down with a glass of wine and started talking to this tan, buff guy from California. Apparently, according to the group, he was a great surfer. And he introduced me to his sister who was gorgeous. She was tan with sparkling blue eyes and shiny, perfectly curled hair. And pretty big arm muscles but not in a gross way.
I ordered a whiskey on the rocks for myself and started talking to the Cali guy. Apparently he and his sister didn’t pay to go heliskiing but we’re just here with their uncle. Their uncle wasn’t around that night but apparently he was really funny. My dad went to bed followed by a bunch of the group. Pretty soon it was just me, the Cali guy, his sister, and the heli-guide. The guide had a nicer face than the Cali guy. It was chiseled and very proportional. But he and the sister were flirting.

“Why don’t you and Sabrina go see the roof. It’s so beautiful up there!” Suggested the sister to the Cali guy and I. What a cool sister! He was sort of hesitant but then agreed. We ordered a drink up there and started making out a bit. Then the sister and guide came and joined us.

Brown out

I’m riding Cali guy in his room.

“Sorry I didn’t shave. I’m really embarrassed. But I forgot my razor and just got one.” I always shave. I think girl’s pubic hair is gross. But there I was. All gross. And I was wearing pretty ugly underwear. I only buy cute underwear but this 1 time a Victoria Secret package accidentally got delivered to my room and I needed underwear so I took it. I definitely wasn’t prepared to be having sex.
Brown out

“Ok, you HAVE to get out,” Cali guy said to me. I threw the sheets over my face.

“But I don’t know what room I’m in.”

“Just go to reception!” What was I thinking? I had to get back or my dad would know what I did. But I resisted. He didn’t want me there naked when his sister got back which was pretty understandable. Finally I left.

I woke up the next morning embarrassed about how clingy and annoying I’d been. But there wasn’t anything that I could do about it but hope not to run into the Cali guy.


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