Sunday Funday Lived Up to the Hype

After I got my Irish coffee, the only drink that I could fathom swallowing at 11AM, I got online for my Sunday Funday tank. Sunday Funday was rebound as the biggest party in Central America and it started at my hostel, the Naked Tiger. I wished that I wasn’t so hungover from drinking morning to night the day prior but I was going to push through. I selected an XL black tank so that I could throw it over my bikini like a dress. 

This is Emma, not me, but we got the same shirt

I went outside to the pool to find 2 of the guys in ridiculously tight, tiny boys shorts, one with a tiger on the butt and another with a snake in front of his dick.

 I complimented them on their attire and they asked me to take a picture of them. As I held the phone out, our Aussie friend, Booze, did a flip into the pool. Today was going to be a fun day. “Come upstairs,” said Matt, the guy from Cali that I was hooking up with. I got up there and Amy was distributing the MDMA. This was going to get me through the day. Well, hopefully. Sometimes it makes me sick. 

The first bar was on the beach and had a big pool. Matt bought me a drink and we talked for a bit. Then I saw Lucy and Layla, my British friends who seemed to be at every stop that I went to. 

Can you tell that I was rolling?

They were with their guy friends from England who were apparently on a different travel path because I’d never met them before. The guys were fun though. They’d cut their Sunday Funday tanks into crop tops. Only the Brits.

 After a couple of drinks and some chats with strangers, I went to go find Matt. He was heading to the beach with Booze (which was just a quick jump over the 1 foot fence) and I decided to join him. 

“Booze, you have the best butt,” commented Matt. “Sabrina, feel Booze’s butt. 
“Wow! It is great! It’s so bouncy! I know another guy who has a nice looking butt but it doesn’t feel that great.” It was better than my butt! And I have a highly complimented butt. 

Matt left for a second and Booze started telling me how great I was and suggesting a 3some with him and Matt. “I’m down, talk to Matt.” I suggested. I had to pee and so did Matt. The line at the bar that we were at was super long though so I suggested that we go to the bar next door. I went to use the bathroom and Matt went after.

“Oh hey, Sabrina,” said that nasal voice that I knew all too well. I felt like Jolteon (the Pokemon.) Every hair on my body shot up. My heart raced. FUCK. It was Crazy Mac, my stalker. 

“Is that the guy that you’re with now? He’s a real step down below Rory. I know that you’re easy but I think that he’s an all time low for you.”

I was heating up. I never get angry or defensive but at that moment all I could think was “who are you to judge me? You’re my fucking stalker.” But I didn’t say it. All I said was “He’s really nice. You’re an asshole.” And as soon as Matt came back, I asked him if we could go back to the beach. 

I told Matt what had happened. I was shivering in the hot sun. My jaw was clenched. I was curled up in a ball. Did I like Matt? Was it just my final straw with Crazy Mac? I didn’t know why I was so upset. Was it just because I was rolling? Matt told me to cheer up but that was the end of my “good times roll.” 

Brown out 

“Can we have sex? I think it’ll make me feel better,” I said to Matt. He did for a while. Neither of us came. I thanked him and suggested that he go back to the party. I wanted to try and sleep. 

I couldn’t fall asleep but at some point I sobered up a bit and realized that I was starving. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and it was 9 PM. All the food was ticket based and Matt had our tickets (I’d put like $5 on his $50) so I went and found him. I got a plain dry burger and was super happy with it. Then I wandered around. Everyone was super drunk and saying hi to me. I felt super alone. I was in some weird dream fog. I felt like such a loser. I just kept on walking. Where did Matt go? 
I had a weird inclining that Matt was having sex with another girl. Maybe he thought that since I was sick, I’d just lie there like the last time. Maybe he didn’t know that I felt better.

Eventually Matt turned up. “That guy just kept talking to me. I couldn’t get away,” he said about this guy that I actually knew from a prior experience. When I was hooking up with this guy, James, in Guatemala in a hostel, he shouted at us. Well I was glad to see Matt. 

The party was moving to another hostel but the pervert gang and I decided to stay and chill. Matt and I cuddled on the couch and Ben played some old rock music that I wasn’t a huge fan of. It seemed to go on for a while. The pervert gang did some lines of coke but I opted out. After 2 days of being fucked up, I was just happy to be sober. 

“Fast car” came on Ben’s iPod. 

“This song reminds me of you,” Matt said to me. Everyone was singing along. I joined in. I had no idea why the song had to do with me but I love the song so I took it. 
Ben and Amy began cuddling. They’d been flirting for days and I was happy to see it working out for them. Singing “Fast Car,” cuddling with Matt, and watching Ben and Amy, I was the most relaxed that I’ve ever been.  
“Where’s Booze?” Asked Matt. Nobody had seen Booze in hours. But there’s wasn’t much we could do so we just went back singing. 
Suddenly our friends Emma and Matt came in practically dragging Booze. Apparently Booze had been rufied by some hookers that he was trying to buy. They’d taken his wallet. Emma and Matt were in a cab when they’d spotted him on the side of the road. The group dragged him up to bed. We stayed in the bedroom chatting, pig piling, drinking, and doing blow (which I, as usual, opted out of.) 


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