Life Hacks I’m learning from living the high life

* A fancy pussy; for your pleasure

So I’m traveling with my finance bro father at the moment and living in luxury has been teaching me how to do so when I don’t have $$$. I’ll post updates as I learn more.
1. Corporate rates: you don’t have to work for a corporation to get a corporate rate. Hotels, car rental companies, and sometimes even phone companies offer discounted rates if you work at certain companies. My dad used to work at J.P. Morgan and still uses their corporate rate years later. And it doesn’t matter that he used to work their. I could use the rate too. And so could you. 2. Hotel Breakfasts: This morning we went to the breakfast buffet at the W in Santiago which is included in our room. It was ah-maxing! Bloody bar, poached eggs, smoothies and omelettes made to order, espresso, mimosas, and anything that you’d ever dream about (other than hot sauce.) The hostess asked our room # to which my dad replied, “room 115.” We’re staying in room 114 but I kept quiet to see what would happen. And… Nothing. But not just nothing. They didn’t even ask our last name. They didn’t check at all. I’ve snuck into hotel breakfast buffets before but I’ve never blatantly come up to the hostess and blatantly lied. But it might be that easy. Worse case, you act confused and say you can’t remember your room number. Then maybe try another hotel. 


2 thoughts on “Life Hacks I’m learning from living the high life

  1. Good post. I use to lie about a room number when I’d go a sneak into jacuzzis. It’s easy if you know the number lol. I said a room number one time, and the security guard is like,”dude that’s not a real room number. Gert outta here! “


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