Amsterdam? Go To Rotterdam!

When I look up the Netherlands on WordPress, I see blog after blog about Amsterdam. When I speak to people from the Netherlands and tell them that I’ve been there, they respond with, “oh so you’ve been to Amsterdam.” But when I ask people from there what they think of Amsterdam, almost everyone replies with “it’s too crowded,” or “it’s just a tourist city.” Even when I was in Amsterdam, I went to a house party with locals who just wanted to go to Berlin. Amsterdam does not, then, seem to be the Las Vegas of Europe, as I’ve heard people in the U.S. describe it, but rather the Disney World.
Before this year, I was just like most tourists. All I could judge of the Netherlands was Amsterdam. I thought that it was ok but, like the locals there, I preferred Berlin. But this year I went to Rotterdam. This is a city that has so much to offer but few tourists.
Here are some reasons to go to Rotterdam

1. It has many art schools and therefore is a city comprised of great art, culture, and fun. There are raves in bunkers, free galleries, crazy street art, and all of the cool, underground type of sites that you’d find in Berlin. There are even baby heads all over buildings that are projected on at night. How weird! Oh and I couchsurfed with a guy in Circus school. It’s apparently very prestigious (more on that later)

A concept in the Dijkdigt
I ate a mealworm and the curator told me that I was her hero 🙂

Mirror room in the Museum Boymans Van Beuningenh

A room in a “haunted house” in the Museum Boymans Van Beuningen

2. The architecture is extremely modern. It’s unique and innovative. On the down side though, this is a result of most of the older buildings being destroyed. One of the only historical sites left is a boring tunnel that is apparently a tourist attraction because it didn’t get destroyed by bombs during the war.

Cube homes: people live here!
The market had food from all over the world. There are appartments on the exterior which can see into the market!

The boring tunnel (no offense)

3. Like I mentioned before, there are few tourists. So you’ll actually get to know the locals. Plus Dutch people are generally great. Practically everyone that I met was tall, open minded, friendly, and beautiful. The tinder game was on point. And in my experience (not just from Rotterdam but just from my sexual experiences with the Dutch in general.), Dutch boys are the best in bed. Their dicks are big but not too big and they really seem to know what they’re doing.


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