Distracting the Apple Genius in Order to Charge My Phone

I was supposed to be in Eindhoven for a music festival with Tommy but since I broke up with him I decided not to go. The only reason that I still hopped on the flight from Barcelona to Eindhoven, which I was told was a quiet, dull city, was because 1. Tommy needed to borrow money 2. I was flying out of Cologne, Germany in 5 days and Eindhoven was close. I figured I could go somewhere near by.

I found a 7 euro bus to Antwerp, Belgium and I’d never been to Belgium before so I decided to go there! But I had a few hours to kill and a phone with 10% battery so I decided to go try and find a place to charge it. 

And here are some more pictures of Rotterdam

I decided to message the Apple Guy and invite him to Rotterdam since he had mentioned possibly being able to come join me.


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