The Functioning Opium Addict

Have you ever met a functioning drug addict?

“Can I buy one?” I asked Pescal, glancing around the beach to ensure there were no observers. I don’t know why. It’s not like that “T” drug that the German guy, Pascal, used to attain his opium fix was illegal. If anything, people were staring at my strappy, pink bikini which wasn’t exactly “Morocco appropriate.” 
“You can just have some,” responded Pascal. “Take two. They’ll work better.” Pescal was an expert. He was a self-proclaimed opium addict which seemed pretty crazy to me because he was definitely functioning. He had traveled the world, worked in Australia as well as New Zealand, and had a job helping elderly Alzheimer’s patients in Germany.

I attempted to go swim in the waves but they were really strong which made it tough for my sprained ankle. I had to balance on my good ankle which was super tiring. We were leaving the beach and the pills still hadn’t kicked in so I took 1 more. 

After, Pescal, the Irish guy, Steven, and the Moroccan that worked at our hostel went to the fish market. The Moroccan guy was reluctant to go with me because he thought that it was too far for me given my cripple status. But I really wanted to see the market! The Moroccan guy ended up headed back to the hostel upon our arrival at the market. I’m not sure what I did to him. I wasn’t walking that slow. 

The fish market was great! We bought a crab for $3 and a slew of sardines for $1. Plus some other fish. As we were buying salad supplies, we bumped into our friend, the Italian. 

The 4 of us went to this grill “restaurant” where we sat and drank tea as they cooked our fish for us. As we waited, the opium stuff started to kick in a bit. I felt like I was dreaming. It was time to feast! I remember shoving fish into my mouth for what felt like forever but everything was sort of a blur. Not like with alcohol where I’ve blacked out and can’t recall the memories. I can recall them but they’re wiggly. 

Pescal and I decided to go and buy some alcohol. We were talking about gin and tonics on the way there and I thought that sounded good so I purchased a bottle of gin. Pescal bought some beers and at another store, some tonic. We tried to get limes but as it turns out, they were just lemons that weren’t ripe yet- not the best. 

When we arrived at the hostel, Steven was excited to see gin supplies. We sat around and drank gin and tonics for a bit, then Pescal and I went to the port to watch the sunset. I thought that maybe we could have a romantic moment but…

“Steven!” exclaimed Pescal. Steven sat beside us to watch the sun fade into the distance. 

Brown out My legs were wrapped around Pescal and I was holding my pillow to his head. I was all in.


Pillow hit face. I was shaking a bit. My head was so close to his- kissing territory. Our eyes were locked. I had him trapped so he couldn’t easily kiss me. It was all up to me. 

Brown out

We were in the shower

Pescal was talking about condoms

Black out

I woke up to find myself a little spoon wrapped in Pescal’s arms. We kissed a bit and fell back asleep. 


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