It Wasn’t the Volcano Exploding

“Were you in the room all night? We were up pretty late taking.” I looked up at the tall blonde’s crystal blue eyes. 

“Yeah, I went to Sunday Funday and didn’t sleep the night before so I could have slept through anything.” I stretched my mouth out and sucked in the largest lion’s breath that I could muster. Sleep still sounded excellent. I was waiting for Alexis, the Volcano tour guide to show his face. It was 5:03.

“So you’re doing the volcano hike too?” Asked the guy. 
I nodded. It seemed like it was going to just be us to. I inspected his sculpted arms broad shoulders and substantial stature. It was going to be a rough hike. 
Alexis arrived and we hopped on the chicken bus. The tall guy, who was a German named Philip, sat next to me. He had just been to Sunday Funday too. He asked me what I thought of it.

“I thought that it was like a Frat party. Which was fine but not really my thing.

“Are Frat parties really like they’re portrayed in movies?”

“What do you mean?”

“Everyone so drunk? Sex everywhere? Because when I meet Americans they say that we’re so open but Frat parties seem much more open than we are.” 

“Well, you’re more legally open in Germany. Also your sex education is better I think.”

We talked about Frat parties for a bit longer which developed into a conversation about sex. We got off the chicken bus. 

“I was with a Californian girl and she really liked giving blow jobs. German girls will give them reluctantly but it seems like Americans really enjoy it.” 

“Come on guys,” Alexis said. We began hiking. 

“German girls always wear bras,” said the German guy who’s name was Philip. 

“I was at a bar in Antigua with my 2 friends and if you took off your bra, you got 7 shots but none of us were wearing bras,” I giggle sighed. 

“You missed out on a lot of free shots.” 

“Yeah. I just don’t really wear bras because I don’t have boobs.”

“You have boobs.” Philip looked me right in the eyes. “I saw them.” I was wearing a men’s size large tank top I’d gotten from the Sunday Funday party at San Juan Del Sur so I’m guessing my side boob game was top notch. Honestly I didn’t care. I don’t have boobs in my opinion. 

We continued discussion sex as we hiked higher. I appreciated it because I was super tired and hungry and I don’t do well with anything, let alone hiking before breakfast. But suddenly something came out of Phillips mouth that seemed to dissolve the entirety of my energy. And I can’t repeat it word for word but I heard something along the lines of: it’s much easier to talk about sex with girls who I’d never be interested in because when I talk about sex, I put it into context. 

I didn’t know what to say. I had to come up with something. Maybe that wasn’t a hurtful thing to say in Germany? I wanted to say that my frizzy, sweaty bun, tired eyes, and giant tank weren’t my norm but rather than acting defensive, I decided just to ask if he talked to his guy friends about sex. He said he didn’t. We continued the “easy” conversation about sex until I couldn’t take it anymore and had to force my guide to stop so I could eat something. 

The hike up the hill was hard: much harder than Acatenango. The reason being that I hiked Acatenango with a group and we rested ever half hour. This time, our guide, Alexa, was all about finishing as fast as possible and Philip was fit so we only took 2 breaks (both were my doing.) 

The top itself was anticlimactic. We ate some lunch which was nice but the crater wasn’t particularly special. On the way down, we made plans to visit Ojo De Agua, a spring. We were really excited to jump into some water. “I wish I brought a bathing suit. Or at least was wearing a proper bra and underwear to swim in,” I commented.

“I do too. It would have made the hike much easier for me,” said Phil. Weird. Was he flirting? Had he changed his mind about me?

We proceeded to discuss things that we’d never experienced regarding sex. Philip had a bunch. He’d never came during dry humping. He never woke up to a blow job. Our chat definitely slowed down our pace. “I’ve never fooled around on a volcano,” Philip looked at me, likely expecting to say the same. But the truth was that I’d hooked up on Atitlan. “You’ve done everything,” said Philip. What more is there for you to try.”

“Girl stuff?”

“But you won’t enjoy it.” I’d told Philip about my aversion to girls and how although I wish that I was bi, I’m not. “I’ve never done proper bondage,” I suggested. I really do think that would be fun. 

We eventually made it down the volcano and took a bus to Ojo de Agua. We paid Alexa and headed towards the water. 


My skin tingled as the water grazed against my sticky skin. My excess body heat swam away. I felt instantly refreshed as if I was suddenly clean. I could at least pretend.

“I really wish I’d worn a bathing suit, I said, trying to adjust my tank top to show a bit less of my boobs.” 

Philip repeated his line about him feeling the same way because it was hard for him to concentrate on the hike. Then he said some more flirty things. He began to pull me towards him a bit. I splashed him in the face which developed into a bit of a splash fight. I was kick splashing him with my leg high in the air. He grabbed it and put it over his head. “You are flexible!” He said. I’d talked about sometimes doing yoga earlier and he had asked me if I was “bendy.” I told him “yes but that’s a strange word choice.”

One thing lead to another and our eyes were locked and our lips were about a foot away from one another. He leaned in a bit. I reciprocated. And then came the kiss. I think that part was actually my doing.

Philip suggested that we go into the pool next to us that was empty. Philip’s back was against the wall. We were making out and I wrapped my legs around him. I began lightly thrusting and spiraling my hips. I rubbed my hand against his back. “I’m going to cum,” he whispered. Good. Philip could now cross coming from dry humping (or rather wet humping since we were in water) off the list. Philip had mentioned how water makes him horny which would explain why it was so easy to make him cum. 

After a man who worked at the spring approached us and offered to take our order. We each ordered a coconut water in a coconut. It turned out the the man was a biologist as well as a tour guide for the volcano that we’d just hiked. He told us that his path was carved in order to see the most wildlife possible. That sounded much better. All we’d seen was 1 monkey. Sure the hike took 7 hours total when it could take up to 11 or 12 but it would have been nice to see some unique things rather than just hike for the sake of speed. Oh well. We got the man’s information to recommend to our friends.

My friend, Matt, my friend/vacation fling that I’d met in San Juan Del Sur was supposed to be meeting me later that day so I figured that I’d recommend it to him. 

We drank our coconut water and decided to leave the springs. It was nice but not particularly exciting. On the way out, Philip went to “pee” in the woods.

After a minute I heard a voice. “Come here,” whispered Philip. I climbed over the barbed wire that had been shoved down, I supposed by another dirty duo but who knows. Philip sat my on a rock and told me that he felt bad because he didn’t make me come. He began eating me out. I hadn’t been eaten out since Tommy and it felt amazing. No words. I came in a minute. Then I gave Philip a blow job, he ate me out once more, and I left with the guild of seeing Matt later. 


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