I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me

Have you ever had a stalker?

I’m trying to figure out if I’m really that stupid and this is a coincidence or if I have a serious stalker on my hands.
Mac is on my bus which came from Antigua, where I got on, stopped in El Tunco, where Mac got on, and is going to Leon. Coincidence? It could be. Mac’s been in El Tunco for 2 nights which seems to be a good amount of time to spend there so maybe I’m an idiot for going straight to Leon.

But Mac didn’t have a ticket. Why?

1. I’m sure he was trying to ride for free.

But also: when the bus arrived, it gave him the freedom to:

A. Go to Leon

B. Go to anywhere else that the bus stopped in case I was going there

C. Stay in El Tunco and if he saw me get off the bus, pretend that he was switching hostels or something 

He was in the perfect situation to follow me. There are only 2 shuttles that come from Antigua a day. 1 is longer and more expensive and he knew that I wouldn’t want to pay. So if he wanted to find me, he only had to check once a day. Easy. 

A strange thing is that when I asked why he was going to Leon, he explained that he wanted to find a boat to Mexico. But Leon is inland! And we passed a port city that he chose not to get out at!


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