Causing a Rucus in Semuc Champey

Zephyr Hostel is the “party hostel” in Lanquin. It costs 90q per night for a bed in a dorm. No outside alcohol is permitted and they have an infinity pool which overlooks the mountains. It’s only for guests unless you want to pay 100q which is more than the cost of the room.  

I didn’t stay here but James, the guy that was hooking up with did so I decided to go over there to party. I chatted with the bartender, Deter, for a bit and he seemed pretty chill. We joked about dick size for a minute which seemed like a bonding experience- the guy was gay. And he told me about a nice hike to go on.

I tried to tip bar for my drink but they didn’t have a tip jar. After about 10 minutes of my $ just sitting on the bar, I grabbed it, embarrassed because maybe it wasn’t the culture to accept tips. I didn’t see anyone else tipping. Apparently everyone had tabs but I didn’t know that. I then asked Deter if he accepted tips and he gave me shit about taking back my tip. I don’t even think anyone else tips, even on their tab, so I found it pretty rude of him to accuse me of being cheap. Later, I wanted to play some dice game because tequila cost 2q less if I did and he gave me shit more shit for being cheap. 
Then, at 12:30AM, he said that all non-guests had to leave Zephyr because “rules are rules.” 

The next day I purchased food at Zephyr and dropped Deter a 20% tip. After, James, Andy, our new friend Maggie, and I were going to go to the bat cave. James and Andy needed some things from their room so I went upstairs to check it out. I was joking around up there saying how the hostel hates me because I’m not a guest and that I keep trying to get them to like me. 

“Non-guests aren’t allowed upstairs,” said Deter who had come up to James and Andy’s room. Rules are rules.” I was probably up there for 5 minutes tops. “If something goes missing, we won’t know who took it.” How would they know anyway? The rooms are dorms with like 15-20 people in them. 

 I came back at night to hang out with James and as soon as I got to the bar, dickhead bartender comes up to me. “Listen, you can drink with us tonight but I’m watching you. We heard you saying bad things about our hostel when you were upstairs.” 

“Sorry, I was joking. And I was saying that it seemed like you didn’t like me. It’s a nice hostel.” 

“You can’t say anything bad about Zephyr hostel if you want to drink here. Rules are rules.” 

James came down and saw me getting scolded so even though we’d purchased vodka that we were going to sneakily drink, we decided to order drinks at the bar. 
After, James got me a club soda and himself a Sprite that we were going to mix with our vodka (which we’d put in a Sprite bottle.) The bartender came over and took it away. 

I went up to the bar after to try and order some tequila to mix with my soda water since our vodka was gone but the bartender wouldn’t serve me. The Sprite bottle had been in Jame’s bag, not mine. And I told the bartender to smell or have a sip of my soda water because there was nothing in it. There really wasn’t. 

James walked to the bar a few minutes later and asked for a beer. “Yeah, man,” replied Deter. 

James and I were playing Jenga when Deter stuck his nose in my face to warn me that they were doing last call and security was going to escort me from the bar. Because apparently I really couldn’t be trusted. James and I decided to head towards my hostel before security arrived.

When we arrived, he ate me out (which was everything that I dreamed it to be) and we went to bed in my dorm room. 


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