Crazy Mac Returns Again

“Long time no see,” I said to the British girls. On the boat there was a girl, Monique who was giving me some tips on Guatemala, where I’m planning on going next. 
“Are you from New York?” I asked. She was. She said that she had guessed that I was too. 
The older looking big guy offered me a drink. Awesome! It was vodka, soda, cran though- not my favorite. Someone asked me where I was from. “Colorado.”

“Oh, this guy used to live in Denver.” One guy said to me, referring to the shaggy haired brunette named Tyler. As it turned out, we’d been neighbors! Tyler said that he didn’t have a home anyone though. He’d been nomading around.

“Oh this guy’s version of being a nomad is staying at the Ritz,” Tyler’s friend chimed in. Apparently Tyler was a pilot who worked for American Airlines. That was a nice connection to have despite American Airlines being my least favorite airline.

It was time to feed the tarpons. I’d never heard of tarpons before but apparently they’re giant fish. We held little fish out in our hands and waited for tarpons to jump out and snatch them. Most of the guys had cuts on their hands from the tarpons but I didn’t get any. 

I had another drink and we headed back to shore. Then we swam across the split and some people jumped off of a tree branch into the water. I wasn’t 1 of those people. 

We swam back to the Lazy lizard and Tyler invited me to another island in Belize where they were staying. I said maybe- if Mac didn’t come. Then I went to talk to some Aussie guys that I’d met the other day. 

I felt a pinch on my butt. There in front of my eyes was crazy Mac.


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