Make It a Booze Cruise (Belize Express Water Taxi)

Note: I misplaced some notes and just found them. This post takes place in the Boyfriend Era, pre-Tikal


 The water taxi from Chetumal, Mexico to Caye Caulker only leaves once every other day- probably because the 2 hour indoor “water taxi” costs significantly more than the water ferry from Belize City. I would have taken buses or shuttles from Belize City but Tommy, my boyfriend, has a flight out of Belize City at 4PM tomorrow and wanted to see Caye Caulker. The water taxi from Chetumal is 2 hours and is extremely bumpy. 
I wanted to draw but I didn’t want to turn my sketchbook to scribbles. Nobody on our boat was speaking a word. Everyone’s headphones were plugged in. 
Tommy and I shared a flask size Hornitos Reposado, which was pretty smooth, and 4 Sol lime beers on the journey. Tommy picked up some training wheels from the bar by the dock (lime & salt) but they weren’t necessary. We ended up just throwing the limes in the beer to compliment that fake lime flavor with the real stuff. The salt is still in the bag right now. We did manage to spend the remainder of our pesos (mostly mine) on booze, espresso, and ice-cream before getting on the boat. 

The water taxi isn’t some ferry that sells drinks or fun like a hostel or a dive bar. It’s a claustrophobic INDOOR boat with aggressively orange tinted windows that don’t open, 1 slightly open air hole/ window, and the entrance which is left open. I imagined a water taxi to be fun like a ferry or boat but it’s definitely not meant to be fun. I’m having fun because I’m tipsy but it’s definitely not more fun than could be had on a plane, train, bus, subway, or any other means of transportation.


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