Tour Stalking in Semuc Champey

I finally reached the jungle! There are hills, mountains, lakes, caves, and wildlife. Today I went hiking, swimming, and spelunking. If you like nature, you’ll love Semuc. 
I woke up around 5:30 this morning (if you can say woke up- my hostel was terrible. You can read about it soon. Around 7:15 I headed to Semuc with some boring friends that I made. It costs 50q to enter Semuc but you can also sneak in through the river opening at El Portal Hostel. The $ goes to supporting the park though and it wasn’t too much so I paid. 

First we hiked to the mirable (the lookout.)  


 It was a nice view and I love hiking so I enjoyed it but if you don’t really like hiking, I’d skip it. The view while you’re swimming is much better in my opinion. 

Then we went swimming in the lakes which was extremely refreshing after sweating from the hike. And there were fish that nibbled on my feet! 


  I got tired of my boring friends from my hostel so I decided to look into going to the cave. It was 60q which I thought was fine for the experience but nobody was around and I wasn’t in the mood to try and make conversation with my guide that didn’t speak English. There was also tubing for 10q but I can tube at home so it didn’t seem worth it to me. 

I went back to Semuc and ran into my much more fun British hostel friends, James and Andy. Andy is funny and James laughs at everything which makes me feel funny. James and I hostel hooked up the other night. As in we made out and he fingered me and licked my nipples. His nipple licking was on point. I’m not normally a nipple licking fan because I feel like I’m breast feeding or something. But Jame’s tongue was so soft and wet (which made it terrible for making out) that his nipple licking made me wet. I just imagined him eating me out. I bet it would be awesome.

James and Andy were on a tour of Semuc Champey. They invited me to hang out. There are a couple of small caves in the lakes which we went in. James suggested that I try and sneak on their tour. The guide was nice but definitely noticed me. Next we went to lunch at Portal Hostel but most of us got grilled chicken on the street which was 25q (not super cheap) but was surprisingly good. It came with rice, salad, beans, and tortillas. 

The guide asked if I wanted to come to the caves for 90q. But it was only supposed to be 60q. Then he told me if I skipped the tubing it would be 60 so I decided to do that.

We carried candles through the caves, swam, and climbed some ladders. And the end some people jumped from the caves into the shallow water but I was scared of hitting the ground. Overall the cave was good times but I’m not sure that it was worth 60q. If I were to choose between Semuc Champey and the cave I’d choose Semuc by a long shot. It’s much more unique and has a lot more to do. 

After the caves I ditched the tour and immediately ran into Mike, Crazy Mac’s friend who was sitting at El Portal hostel. We talked for a bit end I enjoyed staring into his big blue eyes. Then I walked back to Zapote Lodge, the worst place to sleep ever and waiting (I’m waiting and it’s been an hour) for a shuttle to town to take me to another shuttle to go to Oasis hostel. And a man who only speaks Spanish was speaking to me the whole time so I couldn’t just look at my phone. Ok I just got the shuttle. It was an hour on the dot.


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