Casa Frida and The Fish (Air bnb, Tulum)

My boyfriend Tommy and I stayed in a private room in a hostel with pretty much nobody in it the night before so we decided if we were going to do that, we might as well stay in a nicer place for the same price. So we spent $30 on a place called Casa Frida.   
The location was hard to find but was only a bit off the Main Street and was in a good location. It had a big bed with a blanket, a relatively full kitchen other than an oven or dishwasher, came with 2 bikes, good water pressure (no hot water though), air conditioning, and was really clean! It was a great deal for the price!
Since we had our own kitchen, Tommy and I decided to cook. Not that either of us knew how. We made red snapper which we had to figure our how to de-head and scale from YouTube, broccoli, potatoes, and blackberry mojitos. Cooking was a struggle but was a lot of fun! By the time we finished grocery shopping, made the food, ate, showered, and had sex, it was 12:30 and since we had a bus to catch the next morning, we decided to go to bed. 


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