The Bat Life- Dos Ojos Cenote

Price$500 pesos (admission tour guide, locker, snorkeling gear, flashlight): With a guide you can go to an extra cave called the bat cave.$200 pesos


$200 pesos (admission fee)

$150 pesos (snorkeling gear and flashlight)

$50 pesos (locker)


In between Playa Del Carmen and Tulum. 

Getting there 

We took the shuttle from Playa Del Carmen to Dos Ojos for $40 pesos but it cost the same to go from Playa to Tulum. We left our luggage at the snorkeling tour’s office (they said it was fine) and took small backpacks with all of our valuables with us. There were plenty of places to drop out bags while we swam. 

The experience

We paid the minimum, the $200 admission fee. We considered the snorkel gear but wanted to check out the cenotes to see if they would be worth it first. It definitely didn’t seem worth it. There wasn’t too much life or even formations underwater. The coolest looking formations were on the ceilings. The cenotes were fun to swim in and take some pictures although I’d strongly recommend using the video setting on your GoPro rather than the picture function. I took photos and because the caves are dark, the pictures came out really blurry. 
Fun: 6 fiestas 

Interesting: 6 tacos


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