I Touched the Butt! – The Underwater Museum, Cancun

Scuba diving was like entering a whole new world. Hearing the sound of my own breathing was pretty trippy. And it felt like I had 3D legs. Normally legs can only travel on a flat plane (sort of) but here you can not only go forwards, backwards, up, and down but also higher and lower. The statues were much cooler then I imagined. They were covered in coral and algae that had naturally grown on it. And there were fish swimming among them.

    The Butt

   That’s Me!

    Fish Eating Crotch 😉

  Being 1 with the statues

Our instructor, Lars was from Sweden and taught scuba diving around the world. He was really helpful and his accent sounded like it was straight out of a Nordic tale

Here’s how it worked…

1. Initial Pool Training: 2 hours (way too long)  

After about 5 minutes playing bumper people in the pool, I was bored. If you finish in the pool early, they’ll tell you to go eat upstairs (which has surprisingly good food)

  but if you don’t want to spend the $ or aren’t hungry, the beach is right across the street. Also, if you want a sweet snack and don’t want to settle for the chips or candy bars they sell at the scuba place, vendors are selling donuts, mangos, and coconuts for cheap at the beach.

2. The Boat Ride: 1/2 hour each way to the underwater museum.

 We were with a bunch of groups and ended up talking to a group that was doing an all inclusive Cancun package. On the ride back Lars gave us mangoes


Fun: 8/10 fiestas (the boring pool brought the score down)

Instructor: 10/10 

Captivation: 10/10 sponges (all absorbing)

Food: 7/10 feasts (surprisingly good)



One thought on “I Touched the Butt! – The Underwater Museum, Cancun

  1. Very nice and funny photos!
    Oh, and I am from Sweden too, like Lars! 🙂
    It may surprise you to know, that we here in Sweden usually think that our accent when we speak English sounds very dorky, haha.
    But Swedish itself is quite a beautiful language, in my opinion… People usually say it sounds like we are “singing” when we speak Swedish. Weird, right. 🙂


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