Mushrooms in Mexico

Vivid oranges, blues, and pinks divided into pixels in the sky. But these weren’t computer pixels. The hexagons of color divided further becoming infinitely smaller as the quantity rose. A firey, glowing ball was rising from behind a cloud. I was sinking into a lounge chair by the pool at the JW Mariott, watching the sunrise and coming up on shrooms.    

Tommy, my boyfriend, brought mushrooms in his carry on. He mixed them in with some Lays chips and other snacks. Apparently you’re not supposed to bring open food into Mexico from the US so we sealed the bag with a glue stick which worked but it probably would have been smarter to crush them into capsules.

Tommy works for the Ritz so he was able to get a room for $100 instead of $450.  

 He paid most of it- I still thought that was a lot of money. It was definitely a family environment but we were shrooming so it was a lot of fun. 

He ate me out for a while in the incredibly comfortable bed which was awesome although I felt bad that he couldn’t get hard to join in the fun. We had sex later though. 

We went swimming in the ocean, pools, and drank some mojitos. It was pretty lax. We headed to Mezcal hostel later that day. 


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