This Just In: Double Decker Adventure

Yesterday was Opening Day for the Rockies and I was supposed to celebrate with my former co-worker, Ryan. But he wasn’t responding to my texts so I decided to search for somewhere to eat. 

Ordinarily, my stomach grumbles shake me awake and I am shoving whatever I can into my mouth by 8AM. But my hungover self was still lying in bed at 11:30. 

I wandered into some Ramen shop that had just opened and I wanted to try and took a seat at the bar. The server told me the special, salmon ramen. 

“I’ll have that,” I responded immediately. She didn’t even have a chance to inform me of its ingredients. My stomach felt like it was consuming itself and I didn’t care. While I impatiently waited for my food to be made, I ordered a sake and made another attempt to contact Ryan. I had FOMO regarding opening day festivities so I decided to flip through some Tinder boys. The idea of going out by myself makes me nervous. I don’t even like eating by myself but at least eating I’m sitting and have something to do. 

A guy sat down in the stool beside me and began spewing Spanish to the blubbery, wrinkled Latinos cooking in front of me. A second later, a ramen bowl was in front of him. I hadn’t even gotten my food yet! He must have worked there. I didn’t look over at him because I don’t speak Spanish and assumed he was just a fat, middle-aged man like his co-workers. And I was jealous that he was eating. 

I was struggling with a giant piece of bok choy when the guy asked me if the Rockies were winning. Immediately I grabbed the floppy veggie dangling from my mouth and ripped it. I looked over and his sparkling green eyes locked with mine. His smooth, glowing skin perfectly molded his chiseled face. His white, long sleeve shirt was perfectly draped on his pecks and biceps. Wow! He was not what I was expecting!

I had no idea about baseball and explained that the Rockies never win. His accent was thick and he was difficult to understand. He was from Argentina. We discussed our travel experiences and I invited him to go to a bar with me. 

He bought me 2 drinks at a bar and we watched some people line dance. They were pretty bad which is fun to watch- not that I have any right to judge them- I can’t dance to save my life. But I can’t help but finding watching people stumble funny. I laugh at myself when I do it too. 

We were both really full and I suggested that we go to a park if he didn’t have to be at work yet. He’d mentioned maybe going to Cheeseman Park earlier so I figured he’d be interested. 

We walked around but couldn’t find a park near by. There was a “sort of park” that’s really just a lot used by The Big Wonderful on the weekends. The Big Wonderful is sort of a flee market? It has food trucks, vendors, drinks, volleyball, etc. It’s a great time!

 But it was Friday and the lot was gated and locked. “We could hop the fence?” I suggested. I made Leo go first. There were a couple of guys watching us so I hoped that they didn’t call the cops. 
I suggested that we go to the top of the abandoned double decker bus.  


The grass was dead and there was garbage all over the ground so the bus seemed like the best option. 

We got up there and Leo immediately pounced on me, grabbed my haired, and slipped his tongue in my mouth. He ripped off his shirt and then went for mine. 

“I’m not getting arrested for public nudity,” I told him. The top level of the bus was completely open for all to observe. And we weren’t exactly in a quiet part of the city. We kept making out and he fingered me. Then he pulled his pants down and took a condom out of his backpack. “I’m not taking my clothes off.” I decided to just blow him. He came really quickly. 
After, he tried to have sex again but I told him that I didn’t want to make him late for work. We exchanged numbers. Then I got too drunk with Ryan and some other former co-workers to meet up and ended up bringing some other guy back to my friend Kaylah’s place. Tommy, my boyfriend, gets back from Chicago today and we have a flight to Cancun on Monday so I probably won’t see the guy again. Oh well


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