Pen Pal Andy

It was the night before I left for a family vacation to Mexico and despite my 6:30 AM flight I was out at the bar, the 13th Step with Little Dani. She was staying at my place that night because my roommate, Meal, was in London. 
I was talking to some British guy for about 2 minutes when Dani comes up to me. “I’m going to bring Monday guy to your place. Do you want to bring this guy?” She says as softly as was comprehendible in a packed bro bar with some Top 40 song blasting in our ears. 
“I’m leaving. Want to come to my place?” I asked the British guy.

“Um… Sure. Let me go tell my co-workers.” Co-workers? What? We hadn’t been talking long at all. I wasn’t even aware that he had friends with him. 

We got back to my place and I was doing flips off of my creepy $100 loft bed that I put together myself. I was rolling around in my hammock that I’d tied underneath. I was doing some crazy, unsafe gymnastics stunts that my athletic ability and coordination skills, or rather lack of them, in combination with the terrible quality of my props, should have led to a hospital visit. But I was fine. Andy and I had sex, I set my alarm for the morning, and we went to sleep. 

Bring, bring, bring….

I looked at my phone. Shit! It was 5:40 AM. My dad was calling. My heart stopped. My brain went numb. 

“Should you be at the airport?” Asked the British guy. 

“My dad is going to kill me!” I made the terrifying phone call to my disappointed father. He agreed to reschedule my flight but was pissed. And so was my sister who was miserable without me. She was “stuck” there with my dad, his girlfriend, and her kids. I felt terrible. The British guy and I agreed there was nothing to do but go back to sleep. He offered to leave but I told him that he was welcome to stay. 

“Do you have any plans today?” I asked the British guy when we re-awoke around 9AM.

“Ok, I’ll show you around the city!” I said with new excitement. 
I took the British guy, whose name was Andy, to Max Brenners, Chocolate by the Bald Man for breakfast. It was my favorite place to eat growing up so I thought that he might like it.  

 Andy told me that he was in NYC because he had just finished working at a camp in Pennsylvania. He’d been at “OA Specialist.” OA stood for outdoor adventure. He told me how much fun working at a camp was and how he would race and play around on the rock wall and zip line all day. It sounded amazing! I told him that I wanted to apply. He also told me about his niece and nephew and the games that he played with them. Andy loved kids. He was going to school in the upcoming semester to become a teacher. He was really excited!

I told him that I wished that I was excited about school. My senior year was about to begin and I was over fashion. It was shallow, redundant, creativity stifling, and worst of all, indoors. I just wanted to play outside all day. Andy said that he studied archeology which I thought sounded fun because I had a dream to dig holes for a living. But he said it was much lamer than it sounded. You just brushed off broken pieces of pottery and contemplated their meaning. 

After breakfast, Andy and I walked to his hostel in Brooklyn so that he could change and shower. We took the Brooklyn bridge to get there and climbed on it along the way. His shirt was off and his chest was fairly sculpted. He told me that he used to be “Fandy,” Fat Andy. But then he got really into rugby and started going to the gym. He told me that the fun part of the gym was checking yourself out in the mirror. 

After Andy put a shirt on and we walked to Washington Square park. We played in the fountain and a little girl came up to us and told us that we were a cute couple.  

 I wished! Andy was the nicest human that I’d ever met! We wrested on the grass for a bit. Then we went to get food and ended up at a burger place. 
Later we walked to Time Square and got some food and a beer at an Irish pub which was surprisingly good. And after I showed him Grand Central. I had that same 6:30 AM flight the next day so I decided to be responsible and stay in. Andy and I cuddled but didn’t have sex because after getting to know him, he just wasn’t that kind of guy. He was the teddy bear kind. It was funny for me to think that I’d almost had a 1 night stand with him. 

I made the flight the next morning. When my roommate Meal got back to NYC, she was lonely. Andy was too so I put them in contact with each other. They never ended up meeting up but Andy would write us both letters and we became pen pals! 

Meal is going to meet Andy for the 1st time in May when we stay at his place in London. I’m so excited! 
If I were to ever marry someone, I would love it to be Andy. Normally, when I think about marriage, I think about marrying a Swiss guy because I love Switzerland. But I think that Andy would be perfect: he’s the nicest person in the world, takes time to hand write people letters, loves the outdoors and climbing, loves kids, etc. But then again, we only hung out 1 day. 


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