Fractal Fairytale

Once upon a time in a state called Denver, there was a lost girl named Sabrina. “Do you know where the bus is?” She asked a lad after carefully browsing for the subject with most normal and knowledgeable appearance. His name was Tommy and he too was lost.

“I was supposed to drive back from the airport with a friend but she got stuck in Mexico,” he explained. “I might just Uber back. Do you want to share one?”

“I’m traveling around America and deciding where I want to live right now so I’m trying not to spend a lot of money right now,” Sabrina explained.

They spotted the bus from afar and raced towards it. Tommy followed Sabrina to the furthest row. They shared an acquired taste for the back of the bus.

Sabrina shared her life story with Tommy. She was in the midst of escaping adulthood. Following her graduation she had worked at a camp, then went on birthright…

“I went on birthright too!” Tommy spoke highly about his travels in Israel which was was much more than Sabrina could do.

Tommy suggested that Sabrina move to Denver because of their music presence. Prior to Denver, he lived in the mountains which was a positive experience but living so far out, he struggled to commute to concerts whereas in Denver, he was right there. He showed her a video on his Facebook page of the music festival in Mexico that he had just flown back from. Then he asked to friend her on Facebook.

Sabrina was trying to get in contact with her Couchsurfing host who wasn’t answering so Tommy invited her sleep in his guest room. He described his place as “fun” and mentioned his hot tub. Sabrina had a great love of hot tubs and had difficulty declining.

She eventually got in contact with her host and Tommy exited the bus downtown in an attempt to purchase pizza. Sabrina’s host wasn’t the coolest lad and she later asked Tommy if she could stay with him for a night. But it was too late. He’d gone to Breck for the weekend to go snowboarding. He offered to take her the next time he went.

Sabrina felt a sense of belonging in Denver and decided to move to the grand city. She found herself living with a lad, Dustin, for a week while waiting for her apartment arrangements to be sorted out. She offered repeatedly to sleep elsewhere but she and Dustin were sleeping together and he enjoyed her company.

One month later… Sabrina’s father came to visit her and she introduced him to Dustin. Her father was unenthusiastic about the lad which was an enigma as he loved most people.

The following day Sabrina had a job interview for a serving position at a restaurant across the street from Elway’s. She received the position and so her father suggested that they migrate to Elway’s for a celebratory happy hour drink. That was where Tommy worked. Sabrina hadn’t seen Tommy since the night that they had met nor had the 2 been in contact. Sabrina felt obligated to text him to inquire if he was currently working. She wanted to prevent a potentially awkward encounter. He was bartending.

“You shaved your head?” She shuddered.
“No, it’s always been shaved. I was just wearing a beanie time.” Sabrina was shocked and she felt her heart sink.

Tommy invited Sabrina to an upcoming party at the Four Seasons for his birthday.

By the time Tommy’s birthday party came around, Dustin and Sabrina were much more casual (Sabrina’s doing) and she had a bit of a roster going. She brought a tinder date to the party because she didn’t find Tommy attractive.

Tommy was much more interesting than her tinder date so she ditched the lad and spent the rest of the night chatting with Tommy.

Brown out

Tommy and Sabrina were at a pizza place. She was struggling to purchase a cheese free slice. The lad with the broken arm was in front of her and Tommy was beside her.

Black out

The next morning Tommy informed Sabrina that they had had sex in the hot tub.

Sabrina added Tommy to her roster. It was convenient to visit him after work because he worked across the street and gave her free whiskey. And he always wanted to do fun things. But he was bald. And Sabrina was a shallow girl that longed to grab hair during sex.

Tommy invited Sabrina to a camping psy-trance festival which sounded intriguing to her. She agreed. The first night of the festival, the 2 rolled pretty hard and Sabrina became fixated on sex. So they spent the night in the tent. It was amazing.

Sabrina hated the psy-trance, especially the following night when she experimented with acid for the 1st time and was terrified by everything. At first, everyone appeared as Disney Villains and after they resembled elderly folks. Tommy’s roommate, Shmitty’s chair even transformed into a wheelchair and everyone had veins popping out of their head. And the moon was made of fractals and wouldn’t stop dividing. The only things that consoled her were sex and having her nipples rubbed. Tommy was excited that Sabrina wanted him to help her through her trip.

Ever since the camping trip her roster quickly dwindled until it was just Tommy. And they lived happily ever after. Oh with the occasional random hookup


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