We Hated Each Other & Hung Out All Night

Day invited me to go to a free concert in Brooklyn but I already had a Tinder date planned so I invited him to the concert. I told him that my friend would be there so he brought a friend along too.

Day and I arrived to the park in Dumbo early and got some food. Then Tinder boy, Dan, arrived. He was scrawnier than I’d imagined but still cute enough.

I hate dancing so I’m not exactly winning at concerts. I was relatively stoic. Dan immediately started hitting on Day’s flailing, twirling self. And practically yelling at me for not dancing. I have never liked to dance and I never will. When I was in middle school I was really embarrassed about it but I’ve accepted it. There are other fun things to do. I don’t have to go to a club, I can go to a bar and play games or talk. At concerts, I walk around and explore. But this guy was ready to dance.

Eventually we got to talking but we disagreed on everything. We essentially hated each other. We were in an intense debate when Day came up to me saying “hold me Poodle,” and flung her purse at me. What? She went up to the front to dance. After the show ended, tinder guy, his friend, and I walked around looking for Day in an attempt to give her back her purse but we couldn’t find her. I assumed that she must have left.

Dan’s friend left and Dan and I spotted a playground that we wanted to climb on. I was hanging upside down on the monkey bars when I finally saw Dan smile!

Dan climbed on top of the monkey bars with me and we talked for a while.

monkey bars better

Dan worked for a tech startup bike share company that allowed him to travel around the world! We were getting along for a minute but then returned to fighting.

 angry 3

Dan and I both loved to walk and wanted to prove just how much we loved it to each other so we decided to walk aimlessly. We walked and walked and climbed on some scaffolding. Dan was a good walker. I loved to walk but this walk was seemingly endless.

We eventually stumbled upon a cool tiki bar by prospect park and decided to get a drink. It had a fire going in the back and they served drinks in tiki cups. I wanted to go back there with someone that I didn’t hate.

After, we walked back to Dan’s place and had angry sex.

To my surprise, Dan texted me a couple of times to hang out after that night. I declined because I’d prefer to hang out with people that I like.


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