Stefan the Viking- A better view of Iceland

After an hour of holding back tears on the bus from the terrible Couchsurfer’s place to downtown, I was relieved to arrive.

Stefan and I agreed to meet at his favorite bar. He was sitting at a table and had ordered each of us a Viking beer which he said was an Icelandic favorite. It wasn’t my favorite but I drank it to be polite as well as to be open to the Icelandic culture.

I thanked Stefan profusely for agreeing to host me so last minute and told him the story of my previous Couchsurfing host.

He apologized and explained that unlike my previous host, most Icelandic people love Iceland. Even though Stefan grew up in Iceland, he traveled quite often and lived part-time in Germany so he had a great deal of appreciation for his country.

He and I exchanged travel stories and bonded over our love of Berlin. I also asked him what he suggested that I do tomorrow. He recommended the Golden Circle tour so I decided to look into that. We drank a few more beers and then went back to his place.

He put on some music. “Oh System of a Down!” I exclaimed. I didn’t actually like system of a down. I just recognized them from a music festival I had recently gone too. I was shrooming and they terrified me but my boyfriend, Tommy, loved them and I didn’t want to ruin it for him so I just ran around in circles trying to escape the music.

But I guess that my excited tone gave Stefan the wrong impression and he assumed that we shared a love of the band. I was happy to be getting along with him so I didn’t tell him the truth.

I asked him if he could see the northern lights from his place but he thought that there was probably too much light pollution since he lived close to downtown. I told him that I was hoping to see them but that I’d probably just have to come back to Iceland because I only had 1 night left.

Stefan and I talked until about 4AM until he finally decide that he should try and at least get a little sleep before work.

I was awake the next morning so he offered to drive me downtown to get breakfast. We went a bakery that I’d coincidentally been to the day before. I suppose that it wasn’t entirely a coincidence considering I’d walked around for a while before finding the best looking bakery. I guess that I did a good job.

After we ate, Stefan went to work and I looked around for a tour to the golden circle. The girls that I’d gone to the hot springs with contacted me asking what I was doing today. When I told them, they decided to join the tour.

Our tour guide was a nice lady to told us some pretty interesting facts about Iceland- one of them being that inbreeding is such a problem there that they created an app to prevent it.

The first place we stopped at was þingvellir National Park, the place that my terrible Couchsurfing host had taken me to. Only this time it was much more fun!

I brought my bear jacket to Iceland with me so the girls and I took turns wearing it and taking pictures.

bear dance
Suzanne as a dancing bear

Next we stopped to see the Icelandic horses.

Then we saw a geyser at Suõurland.

FullSizeRender (8)

We also ate lunch in the complex here. Apparently lamb stew was the “thing to eat.” It was surprisingly good considering I’m not a lamb fan. Then it was waterfall time!

waterfall 2
Seljalandsfoss Waterfall


bear waterfall 2

waterfall a
Skogafoss Waterfall

bear 3

One waterfall, the Gullfoss, almost always has a rainbow. It wasn’t really obvious when I saw it but it was still visible.

rainbow waterfall
The Gullfoss Waterfall

bear waterfall

After the tour, the girls and I split up to go change and shower. After, I tried to meet up with Stefan who was out watching the game with some friends but he didn’t answer. I was hungry and decided to get something to eat at this Chuck Norris burger spot. They had more hot sauces than I’d ever seen before! And hot sauce is pretty much my life so I was happy.

Midway through my burger Stefan contacted me and I told him where I was. The girls were running late and so I gave them Stefan’s # so that Stefan and I could walk around town without having to worry about whether I had wifi or not. Stefan took me to a bar that was pretty crowded. It was a dancing bar and I don’t like to dance but it was still fun.

After we went to go try and meet up with the girls at D10, this hipster bar with a bathtub that they liked. d10

But we couldn’t find them so we went to go try and see the northern lights at this rooftop spot. Stefan said if we could get up there, we’d be able to see them. He could vaguely make them out in the sky now but there was too much light pollution downtown.

Unfortunately there was a high schooler’s party going on there. I suggest that we give the Radisson Blu a shot but we couldn’t get up to the roof without a key.

We went back to Stefan’s place and once again talked until 4AM. The next morning I flew back to New York


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