Mr. Harvard

harvard 2

“Wow! Your view is amazing!” It was the nicest view that is ever seen from an apartment. Patrick’s entire wall was composed of Windows which were perfectly facing the Empire State Building.


I woke up in Patrick’s bed facing his wide open closet. Everything was pastel! He was from Oklahoma but other than his accent, he seemed exactly like a preppy Connecticutian. He said that he was from Oklahoma City which was a real city and wasn’t the middle of nowhere. Plus, I supposed going to Harvard would preppify anyone.

pastel 2

I slipped on my tan Sperrys that matched his (don’t judge me- they’re comfortable and durable) and headed out.

I was out at happy hour in midtown east with my friend Cassie about 6 months later when I heard someone call my name. I looked over and there was Patrick! We talked for a bit and he invited me to a party at his place later that week.

I brought my friends Cassie and Meal to the party. Patrick looked much scrawnier and less attractive than he used to- or maybe it was my drunk goggles the 1st time around. The “party” certainly wasn’t a “rager.” It was a bunch of finance people speaking fancy gibberish to each other. Cassie, Meal, and I decided not to stick around.


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