The Polar Bear

I was at the subway station heading back from a tacky bar in midtown west during Santacon when a giant camel toe approached me. He spotted me looking at him.

camel toe costume

“Care to take a candy from my camel toe,” the guy wearing the costume asked. Him and his 2 friends snickered a bit. When I say camel toe, I mean the toe of a camel by the way. But obviously the costume was a play on words. I reached in the wedge and pulled out a chocolate.

“Thanks! Your costumes are by far the best ones at Santa-con!” The camel toes friend was a polar bear which was perfect considering how tall the guy was. It was a pretty intense costume. I’m not sure what the girl was but regardless, it was awesome.

The polar bear invited me to go with them to a bar and I accepted. The bar turned out to be right by my place. It was a good time.

The polar bear invited me to a burning man costume cult party that was coming up. There was going to be a contest for the craziest costume. We went and after went back to his place and had sex. His dick was huge. But then again he was 6’8.

The sex was pretty good but a bit painful. He was 30 but didn’t really seem like an expert. Doggie style was pretty crazy though since he was that big. It was our favorite.

He had a dog and a nice place. He had a big box of shrooms by his bed but he wouldn’t talk about them with me.

I hung out with the polar bear sort of frequently after that. One day we went ice skating and got Indian food. Polar-Bear-in-Skates--35223

He took me to this costume cult Valentine’s Day party with crazy costumes. It was awesome that I could wear whatever crazy heels I wanted! I typically date guys my height. Height isn’t really that important to me compared to other things.

One night I was blowing the polar bear. Ka-sploosh! Thick, creamy, slimy jizz was everywhere. I swallowed some of it but it wasn’t just in my mouth. It was dripping down my face, on my chest, in my hair… An explosion had happened. I had never tasted cum so thick. It was repulsive.

After that, I could never face him again. I’m a terrible person.

polar bearr


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