So You Want to be a Ski Bum?

Living in a mountain town is like being on vacation all the time!

Photos That I’ve Taken Here 


The view from my balcony this morning. Hot air balloons are a regular occurance here
 mountain town1 steamboat
7 steamboat
Me climbing the icicle waterfalls as a bear

3 steamboat5 steamboat



People here do not adult. I know a 50 year old man-child who builds snow forts and sledding jumps. And the amount of grown adults I hear “woo!” on a powder day is hilarious.



People in ski towns aren’t prioritizing work over friendships. Everyone from the restaurant that I work with goes out together. Everyone is always invited to everything and nobody is excluded. There are no clicks. I have my friends from work, my roommates and their friends, my friends from my boyfriend, Tommy, etc. I’ve never made friends more easily than I did here.

Relationships/ Dating/ Hooking Up

10 g  

 It’s all guys here. And they’re all desperate to get with any willing girl. But it’s a small town so it’s not like I can hook up anonymously. And most of the guys that I talk to are my friends or at least potential friends. I occasionally hook up with a tourist but most people my age here are locals so it’s difficult. I definitely don’t have random sex as much as I did in NY or even Denver. It’s even tougher for guys here because of the lack of girls. Most girls that do live here are in relationships. Also Tinder is not a thing here because the town is small. Swipe 5 times and you’re out of matches.

Work/ Life Balance

work life

 Work isn’t life here. It’s something that people do in order to make enough money to pay their rent, drink at bars, and save enough to get through mud season.

Mud Season

Bodie Ghost Town Storm
Ghost Town
 Mud seasons are mid April to mid June and October, November. During these times, it’s a ghost town. It’s a great opportunity to travel! I’m going to Central America and Europe during the upcoming mud season. Work here is pretty seasonal. I work for the mountain so my job ends April 3rd. I will probably work for the mountain again this summer. I plan on working for the golf course.

Working For the Mountain 

mountain employee

In the winter means a free ski pass! And not just for this mountain but also for the rest of Colorado and also for Utah (excluding Vail Resorts.) I also get tons of discounts for food, gear, etc. And 12 $25 guest passes, 2 lessons, 2 beginner lessons, and 2 $5 night passes for guests. It can be pretty key if you’re living in a ski town depending on how much a pass costs. A pass here is $1400 or $1000 so it’s a good chunk of money. In the summer, the mountain gives a mountain biking pass to take the gondola and lifts up to the trails.


st-anton-am-arlberg-apres-ski-660x260-mooserwirtApre ski is a thing. It’s like the happy hour of the mountains but it starts at 4. My co-workers and I persuade each other to go out with them almost every night so I find myself trying to create some sober free time for myself. People go out at night too


frozen beard

Guys- If you don’t have a beard, other guys are going to ask you if you can’t grow one. Every guy I know here that doesn’t have a beard here can’t grow one. People here don’t care if you have the latest collectible Nikes, a nice car, money, or even fancy mountain gear. Beards are the only status symbol in this town.

Girls- I hope that you like beards because you’ll be seeing a lot of them. I don’t find them attractive but unfortunately, I’ve had to get used to them. When food gets in them… so sexy. And when they’re frozen with icicles, I’m ready to pounce 😉



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