My Worst Couchsurfing Experience

My co-workers that had been serving at the Hyatt longer were unhappy because now that new servers had been hired, they were getting fewer shifts. So the next week my manager removed all of the new servers entirely from the schedule.

A war erupted between the old and new servers. And I was caught on the side of “new server.” But I decided to Switzerland. I booked the cheapest ticket that I could find to a place that wasn’t in monsoon season: Iceland.

I messaged all of Reykjavik attempting to find a last minute Couchsurfing host. Success! A normal looking guy with good reviews accepted my request.

When I arrived in Iceland, I asked the girls in front of me if I was on the correct bus line. It turned out that 1 girl was from New York and they were on their way to the hot springs. The girls, Suzanne and Lauren, recommended that I come with them. Blue Lagoon was on the way to Reykjavik and it was a “must do” in Iceland. My Couchsurfing host was at work until the evening anyway and they seemed like fun so I agreed.

Suzanne had recently gone through a cancer treatment so she swim but she dipped her feet in the water and drank wine. There was some funny white clay that Lauren and I put on our faces and on Suzanne’s feet. We took turns wearing Lauren’s funny floral shower caps.

blue lagoon


After Blue Lagoon I decided to explore Reykjavik until my host was out of work.

iceland 2iceland 3iceland

We met up around 6. He barely said hi. I tried to get to know him but he seemed significantly more interested in the radio. He sang along with great enthusiasm and was even captivated by the commercials.

The only time that he spoke was to tell me that Iceland was boring. He wanted to move.

On the way to his place, we stopped to pick up food at the grocery store. He purchased ingredients for wienerschnitzel that he was going to make it for us. He was a self-proclaimed “really good cook.” We also picked up some beer.

His place was far out of town. It was apparently a 3 hour walk! He said that he would drive me to his work site in the morning which was part of the way to downtown.

He cooked dinner and I tasted his homemade apple cider which he said that he made from apple juice. It was surprisingly delicious! It wasn’t sweet like Angry Orchard.

The wienerschnitzel was drenched in butter. I downed the beer and swallowed as many bites and I could stomach. I know it’s weird to hate butter but I do.

After dinner he invited me into his room to watch stupid “funny” Youtube videos. I just stared at my phone and played tinder the whole time. “Isn’t this hilarious?” He’d ask. Or “look at this!” I hardly responded.

“Do you want to go out?” I asked him. “You could show me Reykjavik?”

“Reykjavik is boring. And you were already there today,” he responded.

We started talking about sex and he became slightly livelier. Finally he was talking, even if it was to tell me how good he was in bed in spite of his small penis. Really? Winning.

We were on his balcony when he leaned in to kiss me. What? Eww! I backed away and apologized. He started telling me that girls in Iceland are boring and didn’t like to have sex with him but couchsurfing girls did. And that he’d agreed to host me because I was pretty.

Oh yeah, I guess all Couchsurfing girls just love a desperate guy with a small dick. How did he get good reviews?

I explained to him that I didn’t want to be a part of that and offered to play tinder with him instead. I wanted to see the “basic” Icelandic girls that he hated so much. To be fair, lots of them looked inbred (which is a legitimate problem in Iceland- there’s even an app for it) but some were very pretty. I went on my tinder so we could look at lesbians. He thought that they were much hotter.

The next day he drove me to his work place and I walked to town. The walk was probably 2 hours and I was really hungry by the time that I got there. During the day I looked for some other hosts and found a guy named Stefan that seemed cool. He offered for me to stay at his place but I still felt awkward about leaving my first host. So I gave the creep and ultimatum: either he could show me somewhere fun or I was going to stay somewhere closer to town. I figured he wouldn’t take me anywhere.

But he did…

After he got off of work, we drove up to where the continents, Europe and North America split.

btw 2
The shadows look like people’s profiles!

iceland 5

It was a really beautiful and interesting spot! But he would hardly talk to me and every time he did, he would say something negative or rude. It wasn’t even fun with him there.

After we went to Burger Joint which supposedly had the best burgers in Iceland (Icelandic people seem to love burgers.) I was trying to talk to him and he said “this conversation doesn’t matter.”


That was it. I ate my burger in silence and messaged Stefan asking if it was still ok for me to come over. When we got back to the creep’s place, I broke the news to him. I explained that he seemed miserable and was making my experience in Iceland unpleasurable. And he was abusing the couchsurfing site. He felt bad and immediately decided to delete his Couchsurfing profile. I left.

Note: This was the only bad Couchsurfing experience that I ever had and it didn’t deter me from the site. I have met many great people and have had lots of amazing, unique experiences that I could not have otherwise had


7 thoughts on “My Worst Couchsurfing Experience

  1. Your experience was still not as worse as it happens in India, and other parts of Asia, more specifically, in India. Here so many Indian Couchsurfers, be it girls or guys, married and are marrying foreigner Couchsurfers, and hold your breath, don’t say so what, Indians are manipulating them big-time with their large international political criminal/activists mafia/network, which works worldwide, and such networks have reached Couchsurfing since 2008, and spoiled everything on Couchsurfing, by fooling everyone, and joining in large numbers internationally. Sad thing is that, most of those foreigner spouses are not even aware of it, long story, lots of other things, hit me up, I’ll let ya know, if you wanna know more

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