The Hottest Man in Colombia

I was relieved that Sebastian followed through on his promise to take me out tonight. I had to get out of his place. It wasn’t terrible, by any means, staying with his mother, brother, and a German girl an hour outside of the city. The house was very nice. His mom cooked decent food. The lake in his neighborhood that we went to the night prior was pleasant.
I was just bored of Cali. I couldn’t find much to do there besides shop in what I called China Town. It was a dirty outdoor market with a lot of crap. Past that point was unsafe so really I was pretty limited. I was going to stay in the hostel downtown tonight so that I could leave early the next morning to somewhere else in Colombia.

I brought my backpack to the salsa bar and left it behind the bar. I was expecting a club scene but it actually felt much more like a dive bar but with salsa dancing. Sebastian pointed out an Austrian girl who had moved to Cali 3 years ago. Her feet moved to the beat as well as any Colombian there! Sebastian looked longingly at the tall blonde. Her shoulder length hair swayed as she twirled around.


“Go dance with her!” I suggested. He said that he would when this dance was over.

My friend, James, from the hostel met us at the bar. But he was too embarrassed to ask anyone to salsa because he wasn’t very good. “Men are supposed to be the leaders,” he explained. True.

I danced with a few guys who asked me. I hate dancing but I was in Cali so I wanted to give salsa a shot. Cali is the salsa capital.

Around 12, Sebastian decided to go home because he was tired and had to work in the morning. This 1 beautiful man approached me and asked me to dance. He asked me in English! So I said yes. He had dark hair and skin and looked like he might be Colombian but he didn’t have a strong accent and he was tall. He definitely stood out for his attractiveness in the bar.

I asked him how he knew English well and he told me that he used to live in London. I told him that I lived in London when I was little.

I was really happy to be able to speak to him because he was probably the first Colombian that I met who spoke English fluently. The only problem is that it was loud at the bar. So we stepped outside.

He told me that he saw me earlier that night but thought that Sebastian was my boyfriend so he didn’t ask me to dance. I explained to him that Sebastian was my couchsurfing host. We talked for a while outside and then he invited me to see some great view. I grabbed my bag from the bar and he drove up a hill to a place that you could see the whole city. His car was really white and looked expensive. He was a lawyer.

“There’s an even better view from my balcony if you want to see,” he offered. It sounds like he was being aggressive but this guy was so gentle that despite his words, it hardly seemed like he was hitting on me.

We went back to his place, which was amazingly nice, and looked at the view from his balcony which was everything he promised and more.

Here’s the view


Then we sat on his white couch and drank Aguardiente.

I asked him where in Colombia I should visit. He suggested Salento and Jardin. He said that Jardin was his favorite because it was a magical little town. Salento was recommended to me by the guy in the hostel and was on my way to Medellin so I decided to go there and go to Jardin if I had time. I’d definitely keep it in mind.

He leaned in to kiss me and we made out for a minute before he pulled away with a downturned mouth. “Sorry. My girlfriend and I just broke up yesterday,” he explained.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Is there anything I can do? I can leave.” I offered.

“No, don’t leave. I want you to stay.” We tried to have sex that night but he couldn’t get hard so we cuddled.

In the morning we had sex. He had a curved penis which I’ve heard great things about. I’m not so sure that it made a difference but regardless, the sex was good.

I took a few pictures from his beautiful place and then headed to the bus station to go to Salento.

The view from his balcony


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