Find Budget Friendly Flights Using Skyscanner

Want to travel abroad but don’t think that you can afford the flight? is a site/ app that enables you to search for a flight to “everywhere” and then lists all of the countries and their prices.  Also, skyscanner doesn’t use cookies so prices don’t jump as a result of viewing competitor’s prices.

  1. If you don’t know where you want to go, search “everywhere”skyscanner
  2. Skyscanner allows you to search “anytime,” “whole month,” or a specific date. Choose what works for you. I usually go with the month option.
  3. Search from your country, not just your city/state. Flying within the country is typically relatively cheap so sometimes it saves money or is more fun to stop somewhere else on your way out of the country. For example, I live in Denver and it is often cheaper for me to fly from Denver to Fort Lauderdale and then to South Central America on a completely separate flight than it is to book connecting flights or fly direct. If you’re going to Europe, Boston seems to be the cheapest hub. However Boston is sometimes expensive to get to so NY and DC are other alternatives.image1IMG_2532
  4. Make sure to click on the prices to see if they’re real. Skyscanner sometimes lies. 
  5. Consider baggage fees. Budget airlines typically charge for baggage. Some of these airlines include Spirit, Frontier, Norwegian, WOW, and RyanAir. 
  6. Flights and busses within Europe are really cheap. If you want to go to Europe, choose the cheapest flight to anywhere in the continent. From there, book a flight, bus, train, etc. to wherever it is that you actually want to go.

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