The Butt Guy & the Bathroom Guy

sunburtIt was Sunday Funday and we were ready! Dani, Cassie, and I arrived at the sloppy Aussie themed bottomless brunch spot, Sunburnt Cow. The place was packed and there would be at least an hour wait but the bottomless mimosa deal ($20 for bottomless + brunch) started as soon as we put our names down. So we stood around with everyone else waiting for their brunch in the waiting area which was essentially a bar. Dani fell in love with the short, strange looking bartender, most likely because he was serving her drinks.

Cassie spotted a stocky, dark haired guy on the bathroom line that she was into but he proceeded to go into the stall with a girl so we figured they were probably together.

brown out

brown in

We finished up eating our brunch and were heading to the bar, Hair of the Dog, with the guy from the bathroom. What? I guess that wasn’t his girlfriend that he brought into the bathroom.

Dani and Cassie had both locked arms with him and were trying to talk to him. He was clearly much more into Cassie but Dani flirted with all of her might. I was walking ahead of them, disinterested in the competition.


When we arrived at the bar, some guy complimented my batman skirt and we got to talking. Dani and Cassie continued to cling to bathroom guy. Dani was really drunk and celebrating her birthday so Cassie didn’t mind. Besides, she wasn’t really competition. Dani’s cute but bathroom guy just wasn’t interested. 

The guy I was talking to told me that he was Puerto Rican and so he loved butts. He was really into my butt, especially in the batman skirt.


I ended up going home with him around 3PM. We wrested a bit and had sex (which was actually really amazing!) and fell asleep around 5PM. When we woke up we had some more sex, ordered some food and watched tv. Then I went home.

The next day Cassie told me that she went to bathroom guy’s place and they hooked up but she decided that he was tacky. Dani was so drunk on Sunday that she barely remembered meeting the bathroom guy.


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