This 1 summer I made it my mission to sleep with a guy who graduated from every Ivy League. It started out as an accident. First I slept with a guy from Harvard, then Brown, then Yale, all in a row. So I decided to create a challenge for myself.

And I only had 2 left: Princeton and Dartmouth

I was at Michael’s favorite bar, Sophie’s, with him 1 night drinking some Guinness and Jamo when I met a guy from Dartmouth. sophies 1

Sophie’s is a dive bar in the Lower East Side

Dartmouth guy had lanky legs that seemed to start by my shoulders which were covered by grey pants. His longish brown hair was slicked with grease. His chiseled cheekbones and blue eyes were no match for his large nose protruding from his face.

Michael had once again confessed his love to me (we used to date) not too long ago and I wanted to remain friends so I was trying to fully focus on hanging out with him. I tried ignoring the Dartmouth guy.

brown out

brown in

I was terrified, riding on the handlebars of Dartmouth Guy’s white bicycle. He promised me that he’d done this before.

ride bike

brown out

We had some average sex and I never saw Dartmouth guy again.

Michael was acting pretty cold towards me after that night. When I called him to talk about it, he explained how upset he was by my going back with Dartmouth Guy. He once again professed his love to me. I profusely apologized for not feeling the same way and stressed how much our friendship meant to me. I promised not to go home with or talk about other guys in front of Michael.

Michael and I came to an agreement and Michael never knew anything of me and another guy for at least a year. Eventually he was fine with it. In fact, he even used my sexual openness in his favor at points. See Eskimo BrothersWe’ve been able to remain good friends in spite of our somewhat complex relationship.

Have you ever had a sex mission? Comment below and tell me what it was!


3 thoughts on “Dartmouth

  1. Your posts really crack me up! This one made me think of my own sex mission…if you can call it that. I had already been sexually active for about two years when I realized that every person I ever kissed I also had sex with. So I made it my mission to never just kiss someone.

    I kissed a guy last New Year’s eve, about eight years after I started this mission. I live about 7000 miles from his place, so I’m saving for a ticket right now;)


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