Working on a farm in Sassello, Italy

Working on a farm in Sassello, Italy through
1. I got to practice my Italian- Ale, my host, was 1 of the only people in the town to spoke decent English which forced me to practice my Italian
2. I got my own house! It was really cute. And it was nice to have some privacy, especially if I wanted to do some late night cooking or listen to things in English

3. My hosts, Ale and Massimo were very educated and liberal. I was expecting farmers to be conservative folks who spent their whole lives in a small country town but this was definitely not the case. Massimo and Ale were architects who decided to escape the corporate life and move to a farm. They still worked on architecture projects though. And Massimo also designed jewelry. He had a store with a studio in it in town.

4. The couple had a chiverna and while I was there, they hosted a course on a kind of gesso painting. This was a lot of fun for me because I got to meet a bunch of Italian a artists. We all ate together and I ended up becoming close with this 1 guy (I call him the Italian tree hugger) and he helped to translate everyone’s conversations. After I finished my workaway, he took hiking and camping all over Liguria, Italy.
5. Massimo and Ale were very social. They often had friends over. I was rarely lonely despite being in such a small town

6. I got to learn how to care for potatoes in the off season, how to make yogurt, some cooking tricks, all about the gesso painting techniques, how to roast chestnuts, and how to pick mushrooms (the edible kinds)

7. I got to watch a cat birth baby kittens!

  Have you ever tried workaway? Comment below and tell me your experiences with it!


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