Worst kinds of Tinder photos… unless you’re these people

  1. Mirror Selfies


Your narcissism is the only thing that reflects in a mirror selfie. Unless you’re Helene Meldahl in which case your mirror selfies are awesome!

2. Gym Pictures

gym cosgym

We get it, you lift brah. Unless you’re a weight lifting a penguin in which case, that’s something that I didn’t know about you and you should probably show me on tinder. Or if you go to the gym in costume to distract from you’re friend who’s embarrassed to work out? I mean, that proves that you’re both funny and loyal- and although you may not work out yourself, props!

3. Fishing Photos


Oh, you’re a man because you have a big fish? Real original. Unless you can recreate the fish face or prove some real man hood leaping through the air with a spear. Then you’re the shit!

4. Group Shots

clones It’s great that you have friends but if all of your pictures are of groups, nobody knows who you are. Unless you are the entire group- this guy got it right.

5. Pics with Kids

baby goat kid

Unless by kid you mean baby goat, your picture carries lots of potential baggage. If you have a cute niece or nephew, or if you’re just trying to look sensitive with some friend’s kid, save it for a time where your relationship to the child will be less confusing. This guy hanging with this disabled goat on the other hand is touching.

What do you think are the worst kinds of Tinder photos? Do you know any exceptions?



One thought on “Worst kinds of Tinder photos… unless you’re these people

  1. I hate it when people present themselves in group photos. Without exception the cutest person in the picture is never the one who posted it.
    I also have a thing with people who post pictures with them and their dog. I don’t have anything against dogs, but they’re filthy and they stink and do absolutely nothing to up the sexual tension. It’s great if you’re an animal lover, but I don’t get turned on by someone cuddling a smelly pet the way people on dating apps are looking for ‘cuddles’.
    Great post!

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