Matt Nets Game

matt nets game

We made an eloquent entrance into Maddie’s party by shoving our tongues down each others throats.

My dad’s creepy but extremely helpful friend, Brian, contacted me while I was at my internship inviting me to a Nets game. He wanted me to meet a girl that he was dating who worked for Victoria’s Secret. I was studying fashion at the time so he was hoping that I’d network with her. He was pretty insistent that I go because she was “annoying” and he was going to break up with her as soon as he could work up the courage. I agreed given that I love Victoria Secret and that he had box seats. nets game

I arrived happy to see a full bottle of whiskey awaiting my presence. I conversed with the Victoria Secret lady, who was annoying, for a bit before I decided to pour myself a Jack on the Rocks. Waiting behind me was a guy with a shaved head who looked to be about my age. He wanted Jack too.

We got to talking and it turned out that Matt was a year older than me and had gone to my high school. He studied to be a photographer in college but was now part of the paparazzi. He said that he hated it. We talked about our high school for a while and ended up getting pretty drunk.

After the game, I had plans to go to my friend, Maddie’s birthday in Brooklyn so I invited him. We decided to steal the bottle of whiskey in my purse on our way out.

We made an eloquent entrance into Maddie’s party by shoving our tongues down each others throats. Everyone else was sober because it wasn’t even 10PM yet and I could tell that my friends were judging me. So I distanced myself a bit and began talking to other people at the party. 

Matt became pretty clingy and it seemed that none of my friends were really loving him. Eventually, after it became clear that I was just as bothered, if not more, by his presence, my friend Spencer tricked him into leaving.

Matt spent the next few years texting me despite my lack of responses. At first he’d text me constantly, then eventually it dwindled to an occasional text.


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