My Travel Scrapbook

I found myself in Europe with no way to document my experience and I decided to fix this. So I went to a vintage store in Berlin and purchased a used, hardcover book for only a couple of cents. I also purchased a glue stick, black, silver, white, and aqua pen. And here’s the result!white page

Theme: Black, white, light colors, silver, soft look

Top left: Polaroid pic of Israel

The people at my hostel in Porto, Portugal were immature and had a love of penis; hence the penis. They repeated the line “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s a penis countless times.

little red.jpeg

Theme: Red & green, arrows

Bottom left: Little Red riding hood was in style so I decided to take my own spin on it

Top Left (right page): Julian, my Copenhagen boy, called me his Evil Temptress sassello.jpeg

Theme: Farmer’s market- veggies, sticks, fruits, hipstersold berlin

Theme: Out of this world- crazy, futuristic, aliens, airplanes, purple

Old Berlin: The 2 large pictures are of “Old Berlin.” Everyone told me what a chaotic, crazy, fun place it was. I wish that I could have been there.

Top left (2nd pg.): The dirty hippie took me to a beach that was partially in a cave. We made a fire and slept there, out in the open. When we looked up at the sky, a portion was covered by the cave and the shape that remained looked like a crystal ball, as illustrated in the picture. I then took my own spin on strange crystal balls in the bottom 2 pictures. The bottom left is a hot sauce future and the bottom right is a chili future.


Theme: Sky blue, Switzerland

Left page: Switzerland tickets. I drew mountains on the border

Guys with Mickey Ears: I met these 2 guys with Mickey ears in Portugal and went back to their place on the beach.

Right page: I used to own a Bernese Mountain dog. They were all over Grindelwald, Switzerland which made me sad

Naomi (bottom right): The girl with the perfect butt. I had a little bit of a girl crush on her while I was working in Italy on a farm


Theme: Ocean

Right side drawing: I went to a some British boys’ place that I met in a bar in Porto. It was on the beach. In the picture we’re looking at the stars. Right after this I made the boys go swimming berlin

Theme: Circles, red, Berlin

Top right of left page: Henry, the drug dealer


Theme: Robots, wood

The wood chips came from the wood that I spent days moving at the farm that I worked on in Italy

The bottom right picture is a business card of a photographer who I met in Vienna. He was going to teach me how to hitchhike but I became bored of Vienna before he was free to do so.

The top and bottom right corner of the right page are drawings of the sun rising behind a mountain. It created a thin ray of colorful light.


Theme: Green, fine details

Opus: My workaway host, Massimo’s business card for his jewelry design business

Small colored drawings on left page: I saw the sun rise behind the mountain which created a thin ray of colored light. I wanted to re-imagine this light in the form of a human profile


2 thoughts on “My Travel Scrapbook

    1. It does get a bit wider but as long as you don’t layer much it doesn’t get too big. You could probably cut/carefully rip out some pages if you filled the book too much. Even cutting some pages into 1/2 pages (hot dog style) would be effective because the book expands from the far edge, not from the binding side. I hope that made sense

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