Unique & Remarkable Jobs Abroad on Workaway.info

About Workaway: Workaway.info is a site that connects you to an abundance of host families across the world. It’s similar to woofing if you want to do farm work but there are many other jobs offered as well. It costs $30 for 2 years as a member. The majority of jobs are volunteer but provide you with room and board.

I worked in Sessello, Italy (in the Liguria region) on a farm which was an amazing experience which I’ll discuss another time. But since then I have searched the site and found some pretty cool hosts out there which I’ll share with you today.

  1. Fix Boats and Join a Boat Community in London

    floating boat community in LondonWhy it’s cool-You’ll learn to build and fix boats right in London! You’re not in the middle of nowhere. You’re in London! “The barge is home to a large community of people (ten or more, depending on who’s about!) The crew consist of artists, teachers, musicians, writers, builders and film makers.” says Sam, the workaway host. This is nice because you will meet a variety of creative people. And there’s a TREEHOUSE build for workawayers! “David is such a patient, highly skilled, natural teacher,” says Sophie in her review. He has nothing but positive reviews

  2. Hang with Monkeys, Guide Canoe Tours, and Bartend in a Venezuelan Jungle

    Work bartending, guiding canoe tours, and maintaining the lodge in a jungle in Venezuela. I think that the pictures speak for themselves but here’s what previous workawayers say about it: “We saw toucans, monkeys, parrots or dolphins on a daily basis,” say. Chloe and Simon “We also went to visit the waraos (indians) communities and we learned a lot from their ways of living,” says Aude.

  3. Play in waterfalls, visit elephant camps, & build a jacuzzi at an eco-resort in Thailand

    4. Join a Tipi Village in Indiatipi village

    Help build tipis and rescue animals! “We are 50 meters from Arambol beach, in a quiet nature area on the banks of a small river with eagles and otters nearby, there is alot to do nearby, yoga, shops, restaurants, music, we like musicians and regularly have jam sessions around the fire with the musical community here.”

5. Travel Through Europe on a Barge

barge travel

“I’m traveling by inland river barge (boat) through Europe, especially France, Belgium and Holland. The barge is an original Dutch built péniche and made for the old French channels. I still transport cargo and I am the third generation of a shipper family from both sides of my parents,” explains William, your potential host.

6. Work at a Treehouse Hostel in Nicaragua

“We open Wednesday for a jungle cinema night, Thursday for Open mic night live shows & have our wild “Porque No?” parties Friday to Sunday morning,” they explain. “Great people, great parties, great monkeys!!” says Lottie, a former volunteer here.


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