Celebrating my 21st B-day with a Hawaiian Bachelor Party and McLovin

“Those guys over there invited us to some party tonight- in Queen’s Center. It’s one of their birthdays.” said the blonde Texas girl.

“No way! Tonight’s my birthday too. I wanna get myself invited!”

“Just come with us. They don’t know who’s in our group.”

“Thanks! Who’s party is it?”

“It’s that big group over there.” They appear trashy but I don’t mind. I am determined to party on my 21st birthday. Even if I’m stranded on an island swarming with little children.

I text my sister, Juliette to come to the pool ASAP because I made friends with two girls from Texas. It’s 3:06, happy hour, so I head to the bar. The brunette Texas girl informs me that the drink of the day is some banana ice-cream thing. I order mine sans ice-cream. The girls look at me like I just asked the bartender for well gin. But if I’m full, I won’t get as intoxicated. And I’m not a huge dairy fan. I flash my fake for one of the last times and room charge. I love room charge! I sit back next to the 2 Texas girls.

“She doesn’t have anyone to hang out with, the brunette says to two women that are arriving. They seem older. I’m feeling pretty uncomfortable so I down my banana drink.

I spot Juliette and walk over to her. “Let’s get drinks!” I order us each one of those banana things.

“No ice cream in yours?” the bartender asks. I nod.

I introduce the Texas group to my sister.

“Hey, we heard you’re having a party tonight. Can we come?” I ask one of the guys from the big group. How could a guy say no to me? Especially this guy. He had greasy hair that would have qualified as a bob if it wasn’t slicked to his forehead. He wasn’t exactly chubby but he certainly wasn’t toned. “It’s my birthday tonight.”

“Of course!” He keeps talking. I can’t interpret many of his slurred words but somewhere in the sea of nonsense he offers me a drink. I ask for a third banana slushie and he gets a Corona. He pours the can into a cup and begins complaining about the foam.

“I can help,” I offer. The head was definitely excessive. “I love foam.” I chug his foam and return to my drink. The cash he pays with has cheese goo on it. What a sanitary guy.

He tells me how hot it that was that I drank his foam. Awesome- I get props for drinking his drink. Not that I want this guy. He also tells me that it’s hot for a girl to approach them and how rarely that happens. He begins telling me his life story- he’s a local who lives on the south side of the island. The big group is all here for there friend’s birthday. They rented a room. He invites me to the hotel room he’d rented.

“I should wait for my sister,” I reply. Juliette had gone to change into a bathing suit. I’m thankful to have an excuse escape from this guy.

“So am I gonna see you later?” he asks. I confirm and give him my number.

“Let’s try and round up a crew for my birthday,” I suggest.

“Did I hear that it’s your birthday tonight,” I hear a voice from over by the pool. “It’s his birthday too. We’re going to Sansei- you guys should come yeah? It’s in Queens Shopping center.” The guys are Hawaiian- one of them is really big. Hawaiian isn’t really my type but I figure that we’ll probably be running into them tonight anyway since that’s where we’re supposed to go anyway. I decide to be friendly and tell them that we’re going there and we’d see them later.

” After we’re going to our condo. That’s where the real party is,” says the big Hawaiian.

“Um, maybe,” Juliette replies with a quivering voice.

I decide that since we have plans, we should go invite people. I point out the cute guy taking pictures at the dolphin place to Juliette. I want him to come. Or just to go out with him since none of the people that we’re going out with seem as cool. We sit and watch him take pictures of kids hugging dolphins for a while.

  I call him Kyle because he looks like my ex- he’s blonde and blue eyed with a sweet “nice boy” face. I wave to the guy and he smiles.

Brown in
“Jagerbombs! You have to, it’s your birthday!” one of the Hawaiian guys says confidently. Where is our original group? I want out. Juliette and I are sitting at a long table at Santes for a combination birthday/ bachelor party. There are probably 13 guys. I only recognize the big one from the pool. I down the Jagerbomb trying not to convulse.

“Meredith!” I scream. A curly haired brunette sitting with a man who I assume is her husband looks over.

“We were going to sing “Baby got Back” right after you. Could we just be your background singers?” I ask. I always vowed that if I ever do karaoke, I would rap that song. I have a pretty bad voice.
Brown out

Brown in
“I like big butts and I cannot lie.” Meredith, Juliette, and I each have our own microphone. Meredith thought we should all sing equally.
Brown out

Brown In
Suddenly I notice the locals from the pool are here! And there’s one cute guy. But they’re heading outside for a smoke break. The cute guy invites me outside.

“I love smoke breaks!”

“Do you want a cigarette?” he asks.

“No, I don’t smoke but I love being outside.”

“We’re actually heading out. We can give you a ride.”

“Really? Thanks! We were going to call a cab…”

Juliette decides that she doesn’t trust this guy so she takes his ID and puts it in her bra. What a good flirting technique! I’m impressed. The guy’s name is Max.

“It looks like McLovin’s ID!” I exclaim. From… What’s that movie?” he doesn’t look like a dork though. He’s 6’6, has brown hair, blue eyes, and a killer body. Oh and chiseled cheek bones.

As we’re walking to the car, I pull out a habanero flavored lollipop. “It’s spicy, try it!” I say to Max. He licks it and makes a face.

“I’d rather taste this,” he says and leans in. We begin making out. I get shotgun as Max drives. Juliette sits in the back with a skinny Hawaiian cowboy.
Brown out

Brown In
“You have a tight ass.” Max says as he continues to squeeze it.

“Thanks! Let’s go in the hottub!” I remove my rainbow miniskirt, then my sandals
and jump in.

“Owe! Sorry!”

“Don’t be sorry” he says.

He’s huge! He shifts my thong slightly to the right as he thrust deeper inside me.

“Oh my God!” I exclaim. I continue to bounce inside him. I think there are Japanese kids playing in the pool now but whatever.

Brown Out

Brown in
“Yeah beers good,” I say. How did we get to the hotel room? Did we finish having sex? I see Juliette on a bench with the cowboy.

Black out



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