The Dorky Brazilian Who Got Coliseum Head

I am disappointed that I’m not staying at the yellow something hostel that the boys that I spent the day with are at but I hope that Meal will want to go there later. The blonde boy was hot.

I arrive to the hostel room and there is a boy sitting there on the computer.

“Hi, my name is Conque.” He has an accent. I introduce myself and ask him if he has any plans this evening. He says that he’ll probably go and eat dinner and then he wants to meet up with some of his Brazilian friends. He’s Brazilian. I hooked up with a Brazilian 1 time and it was the best sex of my life. He’s sort of dorky looking but maybe his friends would be hot.

I invite him to go to dinner with Meal and I. “She’ll be our other roommate,” I inform him. “She’s my roommate back in NY and she and I are meeting up here in Rome. I’m studying abroad in Florence and she’s working in London for the summer.

Meal Facebook messages me that she’s hungry and will meet us at a restaurant rather than going to the room first. We pick a meeting spot with lots of restaurants nearby. When Meal arrives, we look around. We find a place with lots of veggies and sit down. Meal and I both love vegetables so we order a bunch to share.

“I love Rome!” Exclaims Meal. “In London they have like no vegetables.”

“Are you having fun in London?” I ask her.

“It’s ok. People aren’t friendly there. In bars everyone just talks to their friends. It’s not like NY. And the dorms aren’t friendly either.”

“Awe I’m sorry! Well let’s have fun tonight!” After dinner we get gelato and then go to a bar where Conque’s friends meet us. The bar is really touristic and not that cool so we decide to go walk around. Meal has her disposable camera so we take pictures climbing on everything. I’m very into climbing things.

We get to the Coliseum, my favorite spot. I sprawl on the grass right beside it. Living in NYC makes me appreciate grass so much! Conque lies next to me and leans in to make out. I look around for worm and Conque’s friends. They’re playing in front of the colosseum. Nobody is around to see us so I lean in and make out with Conque. He seems sort of shy and dorky but he is Brazilian so I’m not too surprised. He’s a great kisser. He unzips his pants and whips out his dick. It’s beautiful! It’s really big but not enormous. I excitedly wrap my lips around it and slide it down my throat. I look up at the coliseum as I continue to blow him. It was magical.


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