You’re Not Special Because You Get a Sailor’s Hat During Fleet Week

I feel pretty amazing since the cruise. I befriended every attractive guy on it and they constantly reminded me how hot I was. I know that my new sense of confidence is a facade for my lack of confidence but regardless, I want to extend my vacation despite being back home. Meal is headed to Brooklyn to hang with my old friend Marel who I no longer speak to. I go to Trader Joe’s and pick myself up a bottle of 3 buck chuck and start chugging.
Brown out


Brown in
“I have no voice, I can’t sing!”

“Just choose a song.”

“You choose.” This guy seems off. Who takes someone with no voice out to karaoke? Then again, any guy who offers up a drink to a random girl on the street is probably a bit desperate. But I want a free drink. I chug my Sam Adams. “I’m gonna go after this but thanks for the drink.”

I step into the elevator and I see a guy’s hand open it up.

“Pretty girls shouldn’t leave alone,” says a guy in a military uniform.

“You’re gorgeous! Sing a song with us!” another military guy says.

They pull me out of the elevator.

brown out

“Yeah Bud Light is good,” I say. That’s what the Navy guy offered me and I wanted to be polite.


“Good it’s my favorite too,” the southern accent melts my heart and makes me feel weak. That’s right- only sappy descriptions can describe my current feelings.

I chug my Bud Light to avoid the vomit inducing bitter taste lingering in my mouth for longer than necessary. We’re leaving and so we have to finish up our drinks quickly. I’m glad not to be the only one chugging.

“Let’s take the stairs, I’m scared of elevators,” says a sailor with a Brooklyn accent.

“Me too!” I have no patience for elevators- there’s way too much waiting involved.

“So where do you live?” Asks the hot Navy guy.

“Right around here. Do you want to see my apartment?”

“I can’t. I have to be back on the boat by 1 and I should stay with my buddies. I wish that I could though.”

brown out

My legs are spread wide around my Navy boy. My knees dig into the sticky cab seat. I rub my hands through his hair as I shift my pelvis forward and back. My tight, black miniskirt is scrunched up by my hips. I pull my lips from his and profusely apologize to the other sailors in the cab.

“These guys understand,” says my sailor.

“Where’s my Sabrina?” asks the sailor to the left of me. “Yeah I want a Sabrina,” the other sailor joins in.

“Where are your friends tonight?” asks my Navy boy. “Are they as pretty as you? Can you bring them for these guys?”

“I lost my phone,” I remind him. “and I don’t know- I lost them.” the truth was that I went out alone since nobody would go with me but I didn’t want him to think that I was a freak. “And no, the friends I was out with weren’t that pretty.”

“My friends don’t care. They just want girls. I’m so happy I found someone so gorgeous. This made my New York trip.”

“What’s the tattoo on your arm?” I ask. It’s something Christian. “Are you like a good Christian boy?” I ask.

“I’m trying to be,” he says.

“That’s so cute. I’m not religious. I don’t want to corrupt you.”

I sort of tune out but I think he responds with something along the lines of: don’t worry about it. Let’s go with that.

We get to the bar and everyone is talking about me. Saying how pretty I am. “Are you a dancer?” The only other girl at the bar asks me.

“No are you?” I ask.

“No, you just have a dancer’s stomach,” she says. I look down at my defined abs. I always thought my abs were weird and manly but they’ve been going over really well lately.

“Do you smoke?” asks my sailor.

“No, but I love smoke breaks,” I tell him. “I love being outside,”

“Great”, he says. We go outside and he smokes a cigarette.

He picks me up and presses me against the bricks.

“Mm, I have to take you with me. I’m gonna fly you out to Virginia.” he tells me that this is his last stop and then he’s going to Virginia beach where he has lots of toys like motorcycles and a pickup truck and we can play all day. He knows that I love to play- I told him that people in NY are too serious.

He puts me down and gives me his sailor hat.

“I want you to have this,” he says.

“Do you need it?” I ask.

“I can get another one.” So cute!

We go back into the bar. “We need to find someplace to go,” he says looking around. “We should have gone to your place.”

“Is there a roof?” I look for stairs. No luck. “bathroom?”

“Yeah let’s go!”

” Girls or guys?”

“Girls” he says enthusiastically. We walk into a stall. “Sorry I’m so sweaty.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I say. I honestly could care less.

“I just… You’re so pretty… I didn’t… I didn’t think this was going to happen to me… You’re just…”

I press my lips against his. He was so cute. “your hot,” I tell him and start unbuttoning his “peanut butter” uniform. He told me that he wished he was “in whites” because it would be more like a movie but I told him that I loved peanut butter. I do, it’s my favorite food. Or at least one of them. I’m hungry. I get down on my knees and start sucking dick.

“Sorry, he says. I’m nervous.” so cute! I’m always apologize for no reason. His nerves boosted my confidence.

I keep sucking hoping he’ll get hard. I don’t even mind the squishy worm that squirms around my mouth. It feels like I’m giving a balloon dog a poodle tail. He pulls me to standing. I think he wants me to bend over but there isn’t any room and he can’t really maneuver correctly so I lift my leg up  to atop the bathroom stall (I’m flexible) and lean my pelvis forward so that he can attempt to stick his floppy dick inside me.

“Sorry,” says a high pitched voice. Sprinkling sounds from the stall next to ours assure me that we have a visitor. Great, just what we need.

She leaves and about a second later I am informed that the sailor came. He starts to wipe the cum off of me. Did he even get hard? Oh well. I’ve never had faster sex in my life! He must have been so horny. That was terrible but I blame it on the fact that he probably never meets girls.

We head back to the bar. Perfect timing- the sailors were heading out. Maybe that’s why he came so fast? As soon and there done whispering about us. My sailor says he’s not embarrassed about this because they’re all jealous.

Reflection: I’m currently 24 and reading this story enabled me to realize how naive I was. My boyfriend and I had broken up right before I went on the cruise (mentioned in this story) so that’s where my insecurity stemmed from. But when I first turned 21 I didn’t realize how easy it was to get free drinks from guys and that I probably shouldn’t accept drinks from weird seeming strangers on the street. I also didn’t realize that everyone and their mother has met a sailor on fleet week and been given a sailor hat. The sailors are all given hats to give to girls during fleet week. I accepted a Bud Light and a floppy dick. I’m way too adult for that now ;At least he was hot.


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