The Deflowering Strippers and the Hannah Montana Room

Brown in: My lips are stretched wide as my head bobs up and down. The enormous dick presses against my hangy ball. Where’s Megan? I lift my head away from the car seat gasping for air. “Megan!” I scream. Brown out

Brown in:
My stripper lifts his hand from my head and I pull away from him, regaining control of my jaw. We’re at my cousins’! I’m so ready to jump in the pool!
“Are we in Florida?” I ask.
Marel and the strippers start laughing.
“We’re in Long Island,” Marel replies. Scratch that. We’re not at my cousins, we’re in Long Island.
“Who decided that we should go to Long Island?”
“The strippers asked and you said you wanted to go.” she replied.
“Oh… Ok.” We out of the car. My strippers arm is wrapped around my waist. He leads me to a dark room and we begin to undress.
“Mm” he says in his deep voice. I cringe. He sticks his penis in me. “Ahh,” I scream as my insides are torn open. Big black dick is overrated.
“You like that?” he says in that raspy menacing voice. I continued to scream. Wish I’d browned out at that moment but I can still remember the pain.
When it’s over he flicks on the light. Covering the walls are dozens of Hannah Montana posters. I can feel the child star judging me. Who’s room had I just corrupted?

“No more Hannah Montana!” I scream.

I go into the next room. Megan and Marel’s roommate, Ayana, are sitting on the couch. Neither had had sex. Marel’s in some other room losing her virginity to her stripper. Marel is awesome! I’m so glad I went to her birthday party. It’s funny. I thought the little Vermont girl would be the prude one. Brown out

Brown in: I’m in the car with some big guy with dreads. We pull up to a deli and he goes inside. I remember agreeing to go pick up cigarettes with him. I sing along to Biggie Small’s Hannah Montana song- my favorite! I love rap! “smoking blunts was a daily routine, words, words, words, a chubby nigger on the scene. Words, words, words… I put my hands up…. Moving my hips like yeah…”
Brown out

Brown in
“No more Hannah Montana!” I scream. I kick my feet in the air as the big guy carries me toward that terrible corrupted room. In reality, I just don’t want to sleep with this guy. Where was my stripper? I think he went back to his girlfriend. Why wouldn’t Megan just sleep with him? “no more Hannah Montana!” he brings me to the basement. He’s not as ridiculously huge- thank god! His body kind of gross. At least it’s fit fat, not flabby. And I like his dreads. I’m on top- obviously. He’d crush me. I hate being on top- I get tired.
We head back upstairs. “you were screaming,” Megan says laughing.
“I was dying!” I shout. Dreads guy looks over at me. A bubble of heat bursts around my face. My eyes shift around the room to avoid meeting his. DDR!
“Let’s play DDR!” I beat Megan a few times while we wait for Marel to come out of her room.
Sober up


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