The Aussie 3 and Me- Tales of an orgy

We were talking to my favorite bartender, Derek, when Dani spotted him. He’s was a tall brunette with an average build wearing a blue, gingham collared shirt. To me he looked like every other bro in The 13th Step but Dani was hooked. We were both determined to get them talking. He was playing beer pong so we asked if we could play beer winner.

While we were waiting we started chatting with this gay Aussie couple from Perth. They were fun weirdos. I was really into Aussies at the time because I had just been on a Contiki tour of Europe with entirely Australians. And I decided that they were incredibly fun.

On the opposing team to Dani’s lover boy was a guy in a tight black tee that hugged his sculpted pecs and abs. The sleeves cupped his thick, muscular arms. His blue eyes shined against his tan skin. He was mesmerizing. But tonight wasn’t about me.

The last time Dani and I went out, I had hooked up with the guy that she was into. Then I proceeded to tell her about how amazing the sex had been. It had to be said- it was some of the craziest that I’d ever experienced. But excuses aside, I owed her. So I continued to chat with the Perth boys and she paired up with lover boy for the next beer pong game. His name turned out to be Cody.

Pretty soon, her and Cody were shouting mean girls quotes at each other and the opposing team. I decided it was my time to head home.
mean girls
I was walking home when I passed black tee-shirt boy with his 2 friends. They were trying to take out city bikes and struggling.


“Do you guys want help?” I offered. I had a city bike membership so I knew how to get out citibikes. I flashed my f.o.b. at the bike holder and pulled a bike out. “Here’s a free one. Just please make sure to return it or I’ll get charged.” I started getting out another bike when the guys saw a cab and decided to take that instead.

“Come to our hotel!” Said a voice from the cab. He was Aussie! I hopped in.

Soon enough the hot guy, Dan, and I were making out in the shower. There were 4 Aussie boys sharing 1 room and we wanted some privacy. We starting having sex when one of the boys, Nick, knocked on the door. He had to use the bathroom so we left. The 3rd boy, Reed, offered Dan and I some Coke. I didn’t really like Coke from the couple of times that I’d done it but I agreed because I felt sort of uncomfortable. I think it helped.

I jumped on the bed that didn’t have the sleeping 4th guy on it and shut my eyes. Dan pounced on my body and slipped me some tongue. I opened my eyes for a second. Wait, it wasn’t Dan thrusting on top of me. It was Nick! Dan was over by the window pretending to toss my Nike sneaker out of it. I wanted to look like I was coherent enough to comprehend the situation so I just went with it. Plus I thought that I might have a good thing going.

The 2 guys switched back and forth between hooking up with me, pretending to throw my shoe out the window, and doing blow. I eiffle towered blowing Dan and having sex with Nick for a bit. Then Reed came back from talking to his girlfriend and joined in the fun.

The 4th guy slept soundly in the other bed. Or at least pretended to.


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