When You Play Tinder Together…

We were preparing for a snowball fight when the Hungarian guy said “I can sleep over tonight, right?”

“Of course!” replied my couchsurfing host, Matt. My heart sank and my eyes widened. This was supposed to be my second and last night at Matt’s place. After that, I would decide if I want to move to Denver. If I did, I would go to my friend, Dayna’s in Estes Park until I could find an an apartment or at least some potentials. Two nights wasn’t too much to ask for. But his apartment was tight and there was definitely only room for 1 person on his couch. Where was I going to stay? Should I stay at all?

We went outside and had a snowball fight on the top of Capital Hill. Some random guys joined us for a bit but left about halfway through.

Huge Snow Storm Slams Into Mid Atlantic States

Then we went sledding. Matt had 1 sled so we brought some garbage bags out. I enjoyed sledding on the garbage bags. sled bag

Matt and the Hungarian guy preferred attempting to stand on the sled and “snowboard” down the hill. His friend Beth joined us with some beers.

I was getting pretty bored and frustrated with Matt. He seemed awesome on Couchsurfing! And here was his message to me

Holy crap, best decision of your life! I moved here from Florida 14 months ago and haven’t looked back for a second. You’re about to experience one of the best vibing (it’s a word) cities ever. We can rent bikes and I’ll show you around the different neighborhoods – each one has a personality of its own. At night, we will see how many $1 brews we can sample before we’re making best friends with an Uber driver and spooning with my chocolate lab, Reese. It’s a beautiful process. We’re expect snow Wednesday and the air is dry, so pack accordingly. Shoot me a text so we can hash out plans. See you soon 😉

(his phone #)

P.S. Bringing dancing shoes cause we’re gonna get down like two white people in a gangsta shootout.

But not only was he relatively dull to talk to but he also liked to do every activity for so long! 

I decided to go inside and Tinder. I was thinking that Matt had probably accidentally double-booked himself and I wanted to help him out and get lost. I matched with this cute ginger, Ben, amongst lots of other hot guys. The Tinder game in Denver was prime.

I also contacted Tommy, a guy that I had met on the bus from the airport to Denver, because he had a spare room. Unfortunately he was in Breckenridge for the night.

Eventually the crew, Matt, the Hungarian guy, and Beth came inside and we made dinner. It was a southern/ bbq meal- idk Matt cooked. The food was quality. Beth went upstairs to her apartment and brought over her and Matt’s dog. Her and Matt were just friends (and neighbors) but they shared a dog. It actually seemed to work pretty well. And the brown lab was really amazing. He was such a great spooner. I was  big spoon.


It was getting sort of late and Beth realized that there wasn’t enough room for both the Hungarian guy and myself to sleep in the room. She offered for one of us to sleep on her blowup mattress. The Hungarian guy accepted.

Matt and I stayed up talking on the couch for a while until he brought up the topic of Tinder. He told me that all of the girls in Denver are in really good shape and that the talent on Tinder there was prime. I told him that the same was true for men. I excitedly suggested that we Tinder together. “I love getting to see the girls too! Because I love travel Tinder and just want to see how people choose to represent themselves in different places.” I think Matt probably had it in his head that I might like girls but unfortunately I don’t. We Tindered for a while. I was still considering leaving Matt’s so that maybe the Hungarian guy could come back so I exchanged numbers with that Ben guy. He asked and seemed pretty fun. After a bunch of swiping (mostly left for me, right for Matt- boy problems), Matt leaned in to kiss me. I pulled away. I was kind of thinking that he wasn’t into me and he just was horny and lazy. It was probably true but I get kind of attracted to people that aren’t into me because I have to prove myself. So I decided to go with it. We had sex but I didn’t even take all of my clothes off. It wasn’t anything special.

I ended up moving to Denver but Matt moved to Atlanta a month later. I never saw him after I was done couchsurfing. He tried to hit me up when he was visiting from Atlanta but I think that I was busy or something.

———————6 months later————————


I had just started a serving job at the Hyatt and this guy was showing me how to close up. His voice was pretty monotone but he was actually really nice. He showed me how to help out the dishwashers and lots of other people that we work with. Something about this was really charming.

After work, invited me out with our manager and a few co-workers. It was a pretty decent time. It turned out that we lived pretty close to each other so we started walking to our places together. When we were going to part ways, he asked me to put my number in my phone. It showed up as already having been saved as “Sabrina Tinder!”

“Oh I remember you! We matched but you said that you were only going to be in Denver for a few days!”

It was Ben! I wanted to be sure that it was the same guy that I was thinking of- the night of Tinder-Couchsurfing so I pulled up my Tinder.

“That’s my brother!” exclaimed Ben. My most recent Tinder match was Ben’s brother. Denver was too small.


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