Powder Day- Oh so soft

We got off of the rollercoaster and I looked at a text that I got from Sebastian, my Couchsurfing host. Apparently he was going to Bogota tomorrow so tonight would have to be my last night staying there.  

I told Eric the situation. “So I’m thinking that it might be because I slept with him.”

“Oh so now the cat’s out of the bag.” Sebastian also said that he would be back soon and that he and some friends were coming to his place to play x-box. That sounded really boring. I really didn’t want to go back to his place but my stuff was there.

Eric and I left Parque Norte, the amusement park, and I headed to Sebastian’s with my head down in shame.

Parque Norte

“So how was the game?” I ask Sebastian and his friends who seem zombied out on the couch.

“We lost by a lot,” replied Sebastian. He returned to talking to his friends in Spanish and playing x-box.

There was no room on the couch so I went into “my room” and looked on couchsurfing and tinder for a place to go. I needed an excuse to escape. The first person to invite me out was some guy, Oscar, from tinder. We’d been messaging for a couple of days but I didn’t know anything about him. He wanted to go out though so meeting up with him sounded good. He said he wanted to go out at 11ish and it was 8:33. Luckily he invited me to his place first so I could get out of Sebastian’s sooner. I’d been getting dressed while I was coordinating plans so by the time we had it all sorted out I was ready to go.

“Hey, is it ok if I go meet up with a friend?” I asked Sebastian.

“Yeah, of course.” So I started walking to Oscar’s. On the way I ran into a police officer who, through google translate, told me that I would be robbed on this road and to get in a cab so I did. When I arrived at the building I realized that I didn’t know the apartment number.

I attempted to ask the guard if I could borrow his telephone to call Oscar but he either said no or didn’t understand. I’m not sure which one. He looked up an Oscar living in the building and sent me to his room. I knocked on the door but it took a long time for the man the door to open. An old man in a towel opened up the door for me looking confused. Please don’t be some tinder prank!

“Lo siento,” I said to the oldie and ran back to the guard. I got out my tinder which was luckily saved on Oscar’s picture since I has no wifi. The guard recognized Oscar and sent me to the room next door. A normal guy who looks just like his picture opens the door. Thank god!

“Did you know that you have a neighbor named Oscar? A nice old man in a towel just opened the door for me,” I said smiling.

“I’m just renting this place for the weekend. I didn’t know that. That’s funny though. Do you want something to drink?”

“Sure! What do you have?”

“Rum or whiskey?”

“Whiskey! It’s hard to find in Colombia but it’s my favorite.”

“Sorry but I don’t have any mixers.”

“That’s ok. I like it on the rocks anyway. Do you have ice?”

Oscar pulled the whiskey out of the freezer and began  to pour it. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to finish it. Do you want the last of your whiskey?”

“No it’s not done. There’s just ice in the bottom.” He shook the bottle and it made a noise.

“I don’t think that’s ice. And if it is, it’s just water anyway. I don’t think whiskey would freeze. I think it’s just the slow pour making that noise.” I tried not to sound too cocky but I was pretty sure that I was right. Oscar smiled feeling a bit stupid. Then he reassured me that he prefers rum anyway.

We talked and drank for a while. Oscar told me that he was in Colombia visiting his family. He lived in Miami and was a promoter there. And we discovered that we were going to be on the same flight from Medellin to Miami! We discussed our love of Spirit. It’s shitty service and tiny seats were well worth it for the prices!

Then he began talking about how good coke in Colombia is. I told him that I hadn’t tried it because I don’t like coke. “It just gives me a hangover but doesn’t really do anything else.”

“The coke in Colombia is pure. It doesn’t give you a hangover. We’ll get some tonight.”

We decided to take a cab to a bar. We got there and the bar was closed so Oscar instructed the cab driver to go to another bar that would be fun on a Sunday night.

The cab driver took us to a bar called “Shupa Shots” that I’d been to a bunch of times.

shupa s.jpg

It was completely empty that night though, likely because was Sunday. The bar was ok- it had silly shots. They had all these funny hats there though which I thought added to the experience. I immediately put on a joker hat and through some girly princess hat on Oscar and we ordered a round of shots. Pretty soon a bunch of people were in the bar with us dressed funny hats.

shupa shots

“We started a trend. Now everyone wants to come here.” Yeah, I found this to be a pretty normal experience. Once people see others having fun, they want to join in. But Oscar was impressed with us. We took a few more shots.

“Do you mind if I get some dinner?” I asked Oscar. Normally I don’t like to eat in front of boys that I don’t know but I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and I wasn’t really into Oscar anyway. We left shots and went to some restaurant where I ordered a burger. I don’t normally eat burgers but I don’t like Colombian food so I settled. I just didn’t want to get pass out drunk.

After, we walked into the park to look for a candy guy. I didn’t see any. Normally they were all over and were always aggressively trying to sell me candy and stuff. After a few minutes this one old man selling candy walked over to us and offered us gum. Oscar bought us some coke and told me to pay him back inside.

We walk over to a bar/ club that looks lively. We sat at a table and Oscar ordered us a bottle of rum.

“That’s so Miami promoter of you. One time I was on a cruise where I made friends with a Miami promoter and he sat at a table, just a normal table, not a club table, with his crew of girls and ordered bottles.”

“You don’t like bottles?” He asked.

“Yeah,” I responded and drank some rum. We watched some people dance salsa. Oscar asked me if I wanted to dance but I told him that I don’t like to dance. We were feeling pretty drunk after a little while and decided to close out. Oscar asked me to split the bottle with him which was kind of annoying, only because I didn’t order it.

We got in a cab and Oscar got super lost going to his place. We were probably in the cab for an hour and my buzz was fading.

“It’s no big deal though because cabs in Colombia are so cheap,” said Oscar. We finally arrived at his place and Oscar asked me to split the cab with him. Really?  

We get back to Oscar’s place and do the coke. Pretty soon we get into bed but Oscar was soft. I try blowing him but it doesn’t work. He tells me that it’s the coke. The next thing I remember is lying on the floor naked, stomach down, telling Oscar that I love the floor, that it feels so good, and that I’m going to sleep right here and now. I’m pretty sure that I was just being facetious and that it wasn’t the coke making me love the floor. He kept begging me to get up so that we could have sex. But I kept telling him that I preferred the floor because unlike his dick, it was hard.

Finally, we went to bed.

The next morning we woke up and had sex. I don’t even remember it. I mean his dick was fine but I guess it was pretty average or something. Then I told him that I had to leave because I had to get back to my Couchsurfing host’s place and grab my stuff. Which is what I did. The place seemed empty so I figured that Sebastian had left. But I couldn’t be sure. So I packed up my shit as quickly as possible and bolted out.


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