Bert, my Fajah, & Our Mutual Crush

bertTobias told me that I could sleep in the next  day while he was at work but I heard him getting ready and decided to head out and drop my bag at the hotel that I would be staying at with Bert. He’d be arriving around 3. Tobias suggested that I check out Utliberg, the highest point in Zurich, but I wanted to explore without map.

I ended up climbing the hill on the other side of Zurich. It was filled with small farm houses drenched in flowers. I was surrounded by an array of vivid colors. As I hiked up higher, I saw cows! There were so many! I was amazed to see cows in a city.

cow zurich

In New York I could barely find a patch of grass without a person on it and the only animals I ever saw were rats and pigeons. And pets I guess. But it didn’t even feel like the city up there! Zurich was the best! Even if the city itself wasn’t all that creative or inspiring like Berlin had been.

My dad met up with me and we went to the Platzspitz Park, are $10 hot pretzels, and sat on a beer garden and had a beer. He took a picture of me to send to my mom along the water. It was a very sunny day so lots of people were in the park.

That evening, my dad and I got a bit lost meeting Tobias. Tobias had chosen a bar, called Jules Verne, that we needed to walk through a diner to get to. My dad thought it was a really cool bar. The second he saw Tobias, he asked to borrow a phone. Tobias said that he had two and asked which one my dad would like. My dad said “both.”

My dad ordered him and I each a whiskey on the rocks and asked Tobias what he wanted. Tobias already had a mojito and said that he was fine for now. My dad was checking out stocks or, more likely volatility on one phone. On the other phone he was calling up some guys. Every once in a while he’d pull the phone away from his ear to apologize to Tobias and tell us that the markets would close in x amount of minutes and then he would talk to us. I said there with my hand over my head embarrassed. I tried to talk to Tobias but my dad was really loud. I apologized to him a few times. Tobias had stressed to me how he didn’t care about making a lot of money. My dad couldn’t be more the opposite.

After about 15-20 minutes, my dad finally got off of the phone, ordered he and I another whiskey on the rocks and Tobias another mojito, and returned Tobias’s phones to him.

“You’re the best man. I love you man,” my dad said to Tobias. I think my dad meant it. My dad asked Tobias what he did. He explained that he was a consultant for UBS. Then my dad and Tobias talked about finance for a bit. My dad apologized to me sometimes because I know nothing about finance so I was pretty much silent. He and Tobias tried to talk to me about shoe design, because technically that is what I was supposed to do for a living, but none of us were too interested in the subject.

My dad asked Tobias if he knew what UBS stood for. Tobias answered, “United Bank of Switzerland,” confidently.

“No, it’s Union Bank of Switzerland,” My dad replied.

“I’m pretty sure that it’s United.” I was also pretty sure that Tobias would be right since he worked there. My dad had him look it up. It was “Union.” My dad explained why it was called that to Tobias. He was gleaming with pride and Tobias was very impressed with my dad. I was somewhat impressed and somewhat thought that my dad was being obnoxious but neither of the men seemed to mind.

My dad said that he was tired and going home but ordered Tobias and I each another drink.

I asked Tobias if he had heard from his roommate. He hadn’t. The conversation led to Tobias telling me that when he has a one night stand with a girl, he can’t sleep because he’s too excited. Hearing that gave me overwhelming desire for him to kiss me.

I stared into his eyes for a second but he didn’t make a move. I told Tobias that I hadn’t discussed sex with him because he seemed too nice.

After our drink we hugged goodbye. I went back to the hotel room where my dad was surprised to see me. I think he thought that Tobias and I were hooking up. Clearly my dad wouldn’t have minded. He loved Tobias!

My dad asked what I was going to do for the next few days. I told him that I didn’t know. He suggested that I go back to Tobias’s. He told me to message him on facebook. I didn’t want to impose on but my dad convinced me that it would be ok. I messaged Tobias.

“Thanks for picking a good place last night and being such a great representative for couchsurfing. I know that you said couchsurfing was becoming too much but would it be ok if I spent 1 more night at your place? I’d like to spend a little bit more time with you and a little bit more time in Zurich. Either way, thank you so much for everything” I wrote.

“Hey, yes – that would be great also to spend more time with you. Are you thinking about tonight?”

“Great! Thanks so much! Yeah, tonight”

The next morning Bert gave me some of my winter clothes, mostly yoga pants. Then he went to London. I left my things at the hotel and went to go around collecting images to make Tobias a thank you card. Then I went to the park and began my collage.


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