The Marathon Man


I flew Ryan Air from Copenhagen to Basel because it was cheaper than flying to Zurich, where I would meet my dad in a few days. I figured that I might as well explore Basel while I was there so I walked towards what appeared to be a bus station. Standing there was a tan boy with freckles, muscular arms, and big blue eyes who appeared to be about my age.

“Excuse me, do you know if this goes to the town of Basel?” I asked the boy. It did. I got on the bus and walked straight toward the back; my go- to spot. I smiled and the guy and he followed me.

He told me that he had just come back from traveling. He had gone on a bicycle/ camping tour and after had traveled alone. He had couchsurfed at a rich college girl’s place. Apparently it was like a mansion party. She hosted lots of couchsurfers at once. How fun. It seemed like there were many more couchsurfing experiences to be had. He said that normally he hosted couchsurfers as well but he was running a marathon the next day so he couldn’t. He said that he had to go home and train but that he’d like to show me around the town quickly.

He took me to the old part of town where there was an overlook. I struggled to carry my big red bag there. It was very heavy. The boy had a backpacker’s backpack with him which seemed so much easier to carry. I wish that I had one of those. Then again, he looked like he was in pretty good shape so maybe it wasn’t easier at all.

From the overlook, pretty much the entire town was visible. It seemed like most of the buildings in Basel belonged to a pharmaceutical company, Novartis, which the he worked for. The boy offered to take my picture but I try to act like I don’t care about pictures of myself because it doesn’t go with the carefree, live in the moment spirit that I like to portray to guys. So I declined. Then I asked him where I could find the train to Zurich and we parted ways. I was sad to see him go. He was incredibly attractive. I wondered if lots of Swiss guys were hot.



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