The Leafy Actor

leaf actorv

I was planning on attending Toastmaster’s with Julian on Tuesday night until I realized that it was also the night of the yoga party and I was supposed to cook for it. I was out exploring that day so Mac cooked for me. Mac also wanted to go to some fancy party and suggested that I come because I could probably find a coat there and because we could make good connections. I hated the term “making connections.” It reminded me of New York where life is all about work. But I did really want a coat because I’d packed clothes for Israel in August, not Copenhagen in September. I’d been borrowing a little girl’s faux fur Barbie coat to keep me warm and the ¾ sleeves just weren’t cutting it. So we went to the Yoga party for a minute to stop by and say hello and goodbye and then we headed out to the fancy party at Balthazaar. Here we met a promoter who invited us to a club on Friday. Mac was much more enthused than I was. I told Mac that there was a Balthazaar in New York City and that there were only like ten people at this party and I wanted to leave. Mac told me that this was a good place to meet his future wife and that there were some hot girls here. He bought me an overpriced drink to shut me up. Pretty soon, I persuaded Mac to leave. I was hungry because we’d skipped eating at the yoga party dinner so we went back and ate some raw food leftovers. They looked like vomit but tasted pretty ok. Then we went out again. I was still hungry so we stopped in this place with free tapas. There was a party there that was celebrating the pilot of their new TV show. They were all getting free drinks so we decided to join the party. Mac and I started talking to these two actors.

I was quickly becoming pretty drunk and Mac went off to talk to some girl. I asked the actor that I was talking to for recommendations of what to see in Copenhagen. He suggested this park that was apparently closed. I decided that we should go right now anyway and he agreed. I told Mac that I was leaving with this guy to go to this park and we headed out. I told the hot, blonde actor that the park was not code for his place and demanded that he show me the park- in the nicest way possible of course. So right in front of the guard, we climbed the iron gate and jumped down into the park. It was dark so I couldn’t see much but we rolled around in the leaves for a bit. We couldn’t have sex in the park because he didn’t have a condom so I gave him a blow job and we walked our leaf covered bodies back to his bed.

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