Julian Who Drank Apple Juice


“You should come to this yoga thing. It’s actually a lot of fun,” Mac suggested. I was pretty nervous about this cuddle session yoga thing that Stephen had been talking about this morning but I decided that I might as well give it a try. It would definitely be awkward if Mac tried to cuddle with me though because I’d have to refuse. When I got there, Mac came over to me and whispered to me that there are a lot of attractive people here- girls and guys. I glanced around the room and spotted two girls that were exactly Mac’s type: tall, blondes with delicate faces. They looked like dolls. I didn’t see any extremely hot guy but then my eyes fixated on 2 giant black whose surrounded by a bit of bluish green. I walked over towards them as we were instructed to make 2 circles, one on the inside and 1 on the outside. And I stood right in front of him. Now someone was short a partner because I came very late to this yoga thing but I didn’t volunteer to move. My eyes were locked in with the man with the dilated pupils. Neither of us blinked.

“Alright,” the instructor said. “Now each of you look at your partner.” We were ahead of the game. “Now I want the partner in the inner circle to say: when I look at you, I imagine. And say what you imagine. And then the partner on the outer circle responds to what their partner imagined. So the partner on the outer circle says, hearing that makes me imagine… Ok? Everyone understand?” Julian was part of the inner circle so he began.

“When I look at you, I imagine a beautiful landscape.” Ok so it was super corny but at least I can confirm that he wasn’t just staring at me because I was staring at him. Fuck, was my turn. I was drawing a blank. It seemed as if his pupils had sucked in the majority of my brain functionality. “When I look at you, I imagine…” Seconds went by. I giggled uncomfortably but attempted to purse my lips so no laughter would escape my mouth. It was so hot in the room. I was sure that I was bright red. This made me more embarrassed and more hot. “When I look at you, I imagine… When I look at you I imagine, you looking at me.” It was a cop out but good enough. Next we had to say what we thought of when looking at each other. I thought that this might be the same thing but these sorts of things are always pretty redundant I guess.

“When I look at you, it makes me think of your beauty.” Ok this guy was uncomfortably corny but his gaze sucked me in.

“When I look at you, I think that you have really big pupils.” It was pretty much all that was on my mind so I figured that I might as well go with it.FullSizeRender (2).jpg

“Everybody thank your partner.” I thanked Julian awkwardly and he reached his arms out for a hug. My back was sweaty and I was self conscious but he had a great grip so I sort of forgot.

“You are a really good hugger,” he said. That was a compliment that I rarely received. I’m typically not into hugs. I won’t even hug my friends.

“Now inner circle shift 1 to your right,” said the instructor. When was this cuddling coming in? In front of me was this little girl with a lot of piercings. I’d sum her up as a cute dirty hippie. She seemed like the type to have a long term boyfriend. I did the same exercise with her. This time I said that I think that she was more comfortable with this whole thing than I am. I’m not really about getting to know you exercises unless they involve me getting to ask people questions or tell people about my ear of corn tattoo on my ear or something.

“Outer circle, shift 1 to the right.” My next partner was a slightly chubby girl with short black spiky hair and mismatched socks. For this exercise, the inner circle was supposed to describe their partner in the outer circle. They had to give them a life story as if they know them.

The girl with the short hair suggested that I am sometimes quiet, sometimes outgoing. It seemed as though she was going with the vague approach in order to improve her odds of being accurate, like a psychic or a fortune cookie. Apparently I lived with some roommates. Well I did live with 1. She said that I’m wasn’t seeing anyone. True. She said that my parents are not together. True. That was a slightly riskier call. I was somewhat impressed. I was primarily concerned about being forced to tell her life story. I couldn’t think of anything to say that didn’t border on offensive. Apparently she felt the same way. When asked to share what she thought of the experience, she told the class that she felt mean and offensive doing the activity. I told the class that she hadn’t said anything mean and I wasn’t offended at all.

Then we moved on and I was paired with Stephen. Oh Stephen. We locked eyes and I did my best to hold back laughter. I told Stephen the things that I remembered about him: his mother was from Venezuela, his father from Copenhagen. He grew up in Copenhagen but had a house in Portugal. He owned a tantra yoga studio. He was going on a retreat to turkey in a few days. Then I drew a blank. I told him that he was more comfortable doing these activities than I was. As I write this now, I can think of one million stories about Stephen. I mean, the man thinks that he’s a vampire. But in the moment I had nothing. He told me that I did a good job though and asked to suck my neck. I giggled (aloud this time.) Maybe it was a joke?

After class ended Julian and I were talking. I told him the story that I’ve been repeating this whole trip about how I got off the plane in Vienna and am just planning on traveling around until I run out of money. He was impressed. He told me about his friend from back home in Romania who backpacked around for 3 months with no money. He only had the things in his backpack. In his small backpack he brought his winter clothes, summer clothes, his laptop, wallet, and phone. But then he got drunk one night and lost everything. But his blog was so good and he had so many followers that people paid to support him. They even gave him money for prostitutes so that they could go out and have a good time. That inspired me to consider writing a blog. Julian then told me about his improv class, Toastmasters, and invited me to it on Wednesday. I told him probably. We continued talking but moved into the kitchen to get some water and ended up making out. He was very forward for somebody so polite. “Do you want to take a walk?” He asked. I agreed but then Julian started talking to somebody else so I caught up with Mac. I saw him talking to some blonde girl earlier so I asked him how that went.

“The older one? Oh she was nice. Did you see those two younger ones though. That was some talent.” I’d just taught him the word talent earlier that day so I guess he got the hang of it. He looked very smug, like he thought he was so cool. I wasn’t impressed. The “old blonde,” was probably 30 which was younger than Crazy Mac. I still don’t know Mac’s age. I thought he looked 40 but I think that Jay said that he was about 34. I looked over at Julian and we headed out. We talked for a while, interspersed with make out sessions.  And we ended up at student house. It was sort of a bar/ coffee shop for students which was really nice to have in the city. I wish NYC had places like these but I guess everyone in NY is pretty much young anyway. Julian asked me what I wanted to drink. I asked what he was getting. He said that it was too late for him to drink so he was going to get an apple juice. I thought that this was a strange choice at about 10PM.

“Too late for you to drink? Do you mind if I get a beer?” I was hesitant in case he was paying but a beer was the same price anyway so I figured that it would probably be fine.

We made out for a bit right in the middle of the bar and I asked him if he minded PDA. He didn’t seem to understand. He invited me to go to lunch with him the next day at his school. I agreed.

We talked for a while. I asked him if he drank apple juice often. In America, mostly children drink it. He told me that in Romania, his parents make a liquor out of apples. He loved apples.


I told him that I was looking to work on a farm and he said that in Romania, his grandparents are farmers. But that they don’t speak any English. But if I wanted to I could visit them.

After lots of talking and making out, he called me his “evil temptress,” and invited me back to his place. But I wanted free food so I told him that I would rather go to lunch with him the next day because I knew that he had to get up early for school and so I didn’t want him to be too tired.

Mac was shocked when I came back to the yoga studio. We went out to a karaoke bar together where Mac saw a girl that was probably 15 that he thought was hot but probably too young for him.

The next morning Julian sent me this message:

Hi! Good morning New York sunshine. You left behind some pretty sexy thoughts with me last night 🙂

I met Julian at his Tech school that afternoon. It was a really cool school! There was a cycling bike that was built with a laptop stand. I wish I had one of those!

Julian was wearing glasses and his pupils were much smaller so I hardly recognized him. He looked hotter with giant pupils. We went to the cafeteria where there was a buffet. The food looked pretty good. I didn’t get much food though because I’m a slow eater and never have time to eat much when I eat with a guy. Julian didn’t pay for my food because it wasn’t really the kind of place where people did that. My plate was light and didn’t cost much anyway so it was fine.

As we ate, Julian told me about the app that he was creating. The purpose was to find bike routes with the cleanest air rather than routes that are the fastest. Coming from New York, this seemed sort of stupid because time is money but I sort of could understand the appeal. Life is time and time is money.

I was supposed to meet up with Crazy Mac in Christiania after lunch to help him sell the Christiania bikes but Julian invited me to his dorm after we ate to make corn pancakes. So when I got back to the dorm, I messaged Mac. They were more like crepes. We each ate one with jam. They were so good!

Julian had told me that he studied martial arts and so I asked him if he wanted to wrestle. We started on his carpet and pretty soon we were naked wrestling on his bed and he was saying weird things and making animal noises and calling me his evil temptress.

He was a normal guy but pretty weird in bed. I found it funny but he was really great at everything so I could forgive the weirdness. He showed me this type of kiss where you inhale each others air. Both people open their mouth, one person inhales, the other exhales.

After we had sex, we split a corn pancake by eating it like lady and the tramp. Then I put my clothes on. Julian offered me an apple for the road. I said that I was ok. He suggested that I take it to Mac because I blew him off so I did. Julian invited me to his Toastmasters class on Tuesday again. I told him that I would try and come.

the leafy actor


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